If It’s a Real Pandemic Then Here Are Some Questions To Ask?

If It’s a Real Pandemic Then Here Are Some Questions To Ask?

By Australian National Review

And those who watch the id**t box and id**t box presenters and id**t Health ministers and expect not to become id**s – then ask these questions.


Here’s what others had to say:

Karen Molnar
Jaime…. I just put up a challenge on 7 news vaxxxxx propaganda post…
I want to see all the premieres, scomo and these so-called health experts all line up for their booster shots (because allegedly they have had their shots), in front of a live news feed and administered by what they call “antivaxxers” I challenge them to do it.

Genevieve Reynolds
Jamie McIntyre do you trust Senator Rex Patrick? He actually supports vaccinations and vaccine passports..

Todd Burman
They won’t let us watch it past 15 mins. The old FB being authoritarian yet again!!!

Pen Maguire
Patrick King from Red Deer in Alberta used FOI request for proof of isolation of a sample while attending court for a non mask/assembly fine. AND the National Cabinet has been found to be not excused
from transparency (keeping secrets) so they are now obliged to answer FOI requests. In fact the National Cabinet was not set up according to their own rules… Patrick v Prime Minister… ‘a Cabinet made up
by a Prime Minister who is making stuff up ad he goes along’. Anything done/implemented/mandated under fraud is null and void.

Lance R Frizzell
The CDC has instructed doctor’s not to test for covid anyone who dies that is vaccinated ..

Elaine Wagner
I tried sending you the link!!! Just look it up .. it all there!!
All restrictions lifted!!!

Elaine Wagner
You cannot Isolate a virus!!! – look what happened in Alberta Canada today !!!!

Evan Healy
Great stuff again Jamie McIntyre . I think you’ll need a telegram account if not already as you’ll get shut down sooner of later. Thanks for your comments, they are brilliant

Melissa Mavati
Let me play devils advocate here. What about all the people that died before the vaccine?

Heidi Ward
We need to lobby against the magistrates courts that are charging people for non compliance. The magistrates court does not abide by the constitution and nobody has a trial of their peers. It’s corrupt. A
great place to push back on the laws.

Mick Hunter
I hear they are barricading off gold coast, Sunshine coast and Brisbane already preparing for a lockdown and forced door to door jab if not detention centres/quarantine facility until you agree. They are
already putting mRNA in cattle and Graphene oxide in water. Good luck all if you don’t wake up and rise up now we are all dead. The 15th the lockdown gets worse, 31st worldwide. Just what I am hearing
around the place

Darren Flannery
No not id**t politicians, they are complicit don’t call them silly they hide behind that.

Marianthi Pretsios
They continue with their faces glued to the tv … sipping through a paper straw their Covid 19 coolade …

Elaine Wagner
The endgame was always the dangerous experimental jab… billions billions are being made from this!!! They all have mega shares in these vaxxxed companies.

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