The So Called Cov Jabs Aren’t Vazzines

The So Called Cov Jabs Aren’t Vazzines

Facebook Post By Jamie McIntyre

Remember this isn’t a anti vaxx ,verse pro dodgy drug junkie spruiking debate.

The so called Covid jabs aren’t vazzines.

They are a rushed to market, unproven, unnecessary, ineffective,untested, insane, ludicrous, dangerous and deadly experimental drug disguised as a vazzine.

So for the pro vaxxers ,don’t worry.

There is still plenty of less deadly vazzines, you can take that don’t kill, or injure, as fast as these MRNa experimental drugs masquerading as a vazzine do.

They are now the worlds most deadliest unapproved drug on the planet.

But they come with 2 Krispy Kreme donuts, a Bunnings sausage, 2 free blood clots and a bonus heart attack,so they have been packaged very nicely by the Pfizer marketing department.

Did you know there was $4 billion in paid out in compensation, for death and injury, before the dodgy bs 19 jabs being just 1% of what’s due.

If the fraudelent vazzine industry, had to pay out all it owes ( sadly they don’t , you the taxpayer, wear the bill for them killing your loved ones )it would have been bankrupted before they pulled of Sars 2 scam.

And with their other Stake Holders, who have used it as a Trojan horse to take over almost every country on the planet, ( and embarrassingly Australia fell first – all though don’t write us of yet as many are starting to figure out this isn’t about some hyped up “ bad flu “ and never was. )

Did you know the Bs 19 jabs they claim are “ safe effective and necessary “ and “ adverse reactions are rare “ have killed and injured more people already then the entire deadly industry of all vazzines in human history.

Fact check that.

And that’s based on the 1-10% being reported not the total as most aren’t being reported.

“Adverse reactions are rare “ is utter junk science – ask for the safety studies showing that.

The latest report you can find at the Global Health Organisation website or at Australian National Review when you opt in highlights the actual injuries are likely to be 20-150 times reported.

Did you know over 5 million reports of injuries and over 85,000 deaths from just the Bs 19 jab this year alone ? and they are months behind recording – times that by at least 5 -10 times the deaths the reports and Government Officials have admitted,and 20-150 times that for injuries.

Now being a Pro vaxxer at this time in human history is looking like death sentence.

Now these are short term ie immediate reactions only . We haven’t seen nothing yet.

I’d you hate sitting in traffic – don’t worry – give it 3 years and the motorways will no longer be jammed.

There is no safety studies for 3,6,12,24,36,48 months or longer.

Anyone want to bet there house that injuries will not reach 250- 1 billion ( half serious injuries) within 36 months ?

And 10-100 million deaths by the jab within 36 months ?

That’s not me saying that, but the Global Health Organisation.

So any punters out there, let them know I’ll bet their house, for as many houses as people are willing to bet against me.

But I suggest people shouldn’t bet their house on these dodgy experimental drugs.

But if you take one , you are betting more then your house.

A house can be easily replaced as they come with insurance.

Your life ?


I bet you can’t get life insurance, to cover you.

And insurance companies have the best risk assessment people on the planet for a reason.

Would you want to bet against them, by taking the advice of your local Doctor, who isn’t allowed to tell you just how many are sick and injured from the vazzine already or he losses his job.

Yet Covid wards are mostly empty of Covid patients, as they have been since the pandemic started.

And yes.

The 5 million claimed deaths by Covid was de bunked sometime ago to.

Even the dodgy CDC had to admit 94% of them didn’t die of Covid but had multiple other co morbitities.

Think Enron scam – lying with statistics a favourite book of Gates and Fauci who cut their teeth on the AIDS scam.

And the idea we have a Covid Pandemic has been de bunked to.

You wouldn’t realise though, if your watch drug spruiker / conspiracy theory Channels such as CNN, BBC, ABC or Channel 7,9,10 or the dodgy newspapers running paid for vazzine propaganda disguised as news.

And did you know that in 2010 , a motion though the European Parliament stated, that the drug companies ie vazzine makers, had dangerous levels of influence over WHO, amd got caught out trying to hype a normal flu strain out of Sth America into a falsified Global Pandemic.

Mmm called Sars 1.

And this one is called ??

And they had the definitions of a Global Pandemic changed to be able to count cases of healthy people
Mm I wonder why.

And shipped a fake Covid PCR test kit around the world to all Governments back in 2017/18 in preparation for the launch of the plandemic

And set up vazzine logistics and distribution centres starting years ago.

And some ,after 20 months of the Covid fraud, still don’t realise it’s a plandemic to sell billions while killing millions, and to usher in the stakeholders “ Great Reset “

If only people bothered to research they would not fall nonsensical de bunked conspiracy theories ,sold by the dodgy drug spruiking industry, a bunch of little pricks wanting to get their little pricks into you , your granny and your child .

And many are still lining up and even bringing their children with them.

Mass hypnosis has led to mass pychosis .

That’s why it’s called Tv programming.

Even previously smart people have been tricked and conned by this blatant scam – in a Trance – like lambs to slaughter


Here’s what others had to say:

Margaret Ross
At some point someone has to do something. At some point someone needs to physically dismantle the infrastructures that allow capitalism to metastasize, oppression to continue, species extinction and dictators to stand.
That job is up to all of us. Please take the time to do your part- I am. I know it’s easy to say I’m busy… I have kids… I work three jobs… I this… I that… Are you happy with the way things are going? Are you happy to work three jobs just to survive on a planet of which we are the only species to pay to live on? Who benefits from your job; you or the person you are enslaved by? Are you a whipping post for your master? Do you sweat blood and tears only to find out the institution you helped to build denies your application because of your “credit”? What makes you worthy to something better?
At some point someone has to do something. At some point your children will look at you and wonder why you never did something. At some point… it will be a little too late.
Find something to give a damn about.
People will judge you, mock you, and you will lose friends… friends who you thought would stick by your side no matter what. But those people aren’t really friends because if they were, they would support you.
Yes, at some point someone has to do something. Will that person by you?
If not- stop complaining and bitching about shit you do nothing about because at some point those that are actually doing something will get tired of hearing those who cry wolf.

Michaela ArchAngel
This one needs some attention too!!! Watch till the end … these paid demons have no right….

Margaret Ross
This says it all about Jamie McIntyre

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