Are We Starting To See A.D.E.?

Are We Starting To See A.D.E.?

By The HighWire with Del Bigtree

For over a year, The Highwire has been sounding the alarm on #Covid19 vaccines & their possible association with Antibody-Dependent Enhancement (ADE). Now thousands of emerging vaccine deaths and injuries may be pointing directly to this dangerous phenomenon. Board Certified Pathologist, Ryan Cole, talks to Del about what he is seeing in his practice as the booster bonanza begins.

Here’s what others had to say:

Stop calling it a vaccine. It is an experimental gene therapy, and a total failure to stop any virus and variant.

Monsanto was able to change corn DNA and owns a patent where farmers who have crops that become polinated by Monsanto have been sued for patent infringement. Now they will try to claim same thing and own all.of us?

The coroner not wanting to do an autopsy is parallel to a state not wanting to do a forensic audit…

If this ‘virus’ has never been isolated (identified), how can there be a variant? That’s like saying, here’s your twin when there is no other twin. it’s bullshit…. why do some people only tell part of the truth?

I think that is why they had to make a synthetic so called vaccine. There is obviously a problem to making a true vaccine which is part of the virus. This is not a true vaccine

this is how I knew. intuition. I smelled a fish right from the getgo

This has always been G8ates plan he did say plandemic 2 will get your attention!

Words can not wake those pretending to be sleep. Only a big hit on their body might wake them up.

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