AustraliaOne Party – Forced Vax… We Have 4–8 Weeks!

AustraliaOne Party – Forced Vax… We Have 4–8 Weeks!

By National Times Australia (ANR)

Forced Vaccines… We have 4-8 weeks!

Here’s what others had to say:

Our govt has their orders from the Elites. This won’t end well. UN will come in. I’m so sorry I have not much faith in the regular Aussies getting tough. Most are brainwashed.

Just expose all of them so they am go to hell.

You’re gonna have to fight.
And I don’t mean by peaceful means.
One thing I see is the cops grabbing individuals from the crowd.
Don’t let them, attack the cops and free those they grab.

I will join the one million to win. The sooner the better.

We are awake now!!!!! Pray it is not too late…God is never late, pray for salvation in Christ and do not give up or give in.

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