Government Can’t Rule Out Lockdowns To Combat Future Variants

Government Can’t Rule Out Lockdowns To Combat Future Variants

By NZ Herald

New Covid-19 Response Minister Dr Ayesha Verrall said alongside Director-General of Health Dr Ashely Bloomfield today that lockdowns and border closures would still be a last resort.

Here’s what others had to say:

Leah Porter-Samuels
Yes it is good to know what the risks are and benefits for the vaccines. The first cases for those patients who had a bad reaction to the vaccine is taking place in the United States.

I love lockdowns. It’s awesome walking the empty streets. I hate people, so seeing less of them is a great feeling

keith smith
Pfizer free and will see you back in Wellington, looking forward to it.

A Developing Stoic
I dont think its a stretch to say we have traitors in senior branches of government….

deepak avarachan
I am also dout about how to get new zealander get high rank humen life index, most of new zealander not happy they always fail to maintain standard of living of people.

Darrel Cassidy
These two are lying. You can see the guilt in their expressions. Bloomfield should and will not be trusted again.

We demand to know why Jacinda went to BlackRock….she still needs to explain herself.

Rong Li
Open immigration for nurses, health care workers and ece teachers overseas as soon as possible

Zac Hines
Here we go comments turned off because it doesnt meet there agenda hahahaha, what bs is this

Lockdowns. Take mandates of health workers to fix shortages. Nuremberg awaits anyway one day for you.

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