Mandatory Vaxxines Now Illegal in Costa Rica

Mandatory Vaxxines Now Illegal in Costa Rica

By Covid Positive News

BREAKING: Mandatory Vaccines Now Illegal in Costa Rica

CPN has just found out (Aug 4) in an exclusive from the WCH that Dustin Bryce and Lady Xylie who are on the WCH Law and Activism Committee “have won their case.”

One member of the WCH Mind Health Committee exclaimed:

“Vaccine mandates are now illegal in Costa Rica. Never doubt what you can achieve! They’re presenting on Monday at the General Assembly for the WCH!”

Bryce and Xylie will also talk about the next steps for international justice:

“We’re pretty convinced we are sure of the proper remedies and are taking major action. We will fill everyone in soon,” they told the Law and Activism team.

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