New South Wales School Attempts To Make Cov Vax Mandatory – Successful Pushback From Parents Sees Proposal Scrapped

New South Wales School Attempts To Make Cov Vax Mandatory – Successful Pushback From Parents Sees Proposal Scrapped

By National Times Australia

Parramatta Marist High School attempted to mandate Covid vaccines for students returning for trials, which was subsequently met by significant pushback from parents.

Parramatta Marist High School in New South Wales (NSW) sent a letter to parents which stated that Year 12 and Year 11 students would only be allowed to return to school for exams on the condition that they receive their first Pfizer vaccination.

The letter stated that the move was proposed after the NSW Premier’s announcement that the current stay-at-home orders would be extended for another four weeks whilst residents in areas most affected by the outbreak get vaccinated.

The government highlighted that the Parramatta area is now considered an area of concern, stating: “If you are unvaccinated, please organise a jab as soon as you possibly can, especially if you live in an LGA of concern.”

The school, therefore, stated that Year 11 and Year 12 students could only return to school on Monday 16th August – when the lockdown is lifted – after they have received at least one dose of the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine.

Additionally, the students would have to be subjected to regular rapid antigen testing even after receiving being jabbed.

The letter goes on to state that the exam period, which is taking place at the school, will be extended beyond the lockdown period and will feature “Covid-safe protocols.”

However, this letter to students was met with heavy criticism and pushback from parents who send their sons to the Roman Catholic secondary school.

According to an image posted on Twitter by a user, the school sent a follow-up letter to parents stating that the proposed compulsory Pfizer vaccine would no longer be required for students.

Have you seen this? Parents in Oz are standing up! Parramatta Marist school principle, Mark Pauschmann, attempted to make the experimental COVID-19 therapy MANDATORY for his students but their parents pushed back to ensure his decision was reversed!

The follow-up letter states that: “Through subsequent clarification from the Government, we have been advised that being vaccinated is not compulsory but rather, strongly recommended to safeguard our students and their families.

The Principal, Mark Pauschmann, continues, writing: “The decision to vaccinate will be a family matter and a student’s attendance at school from 16th August to attend the trials is not dependent upon vaccination.

“We will await any further advice from the government and CEDP about the conditions for students to return.”

It appears as though working together to push back against tyrannical mandates such as these can lead to change, and in this case, prevent students from facing discrimination on the basis of vaccination status.

NSW Covid-19 Cases: “All but one had been vaccinated”

This news follows as the NSW government recently announced that 141 people were hospitalised following the Covid-19 outbreak, where 43 of which were in intensive care, 18 of whom required ventilation.

According to Dr Jeremy McAnulty, “all but one” of those in intensive care were vaccinated, with one person having only received one dose of a Covid vaccine. However, following this press release, Dr McAnulty was asked to clarify his comments regarding his statement that “all but one” of those in intensive care had been vaccinated.

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