No Vax Passports — George Christensen MP

No Vax Passports — George Christensen MP

By National Times Australia

Private Australian companies, state governments, other nations and international bodies are indicating they will introduce coercive measures to essentially force people to take a COVID-19 vaccine.

In Australia, Qantas has stated it will require people to be vaccinated to fly internationally on its planes, and the Queensland education minister has signalled children will need to be vaccinated to attend school.

I will be railing against any attempt to have any vaccination passes, digital passes — whatever the label — that segregates Australians into haves and have nots and denies them jobs, denies them services, or denies them access to certain areas.

It is wrong. It is discriminatory.

There are many Australians who, like me, are not “anti-vaxxers” but have legitimate concerns about injecting themselves and their family members with a rushed vaccine, and who want to wait to see whether there are side effects caused by the vaccine.

We face a lot of pressure to vaccinate from, quite frankly, a fearful sector of the public; pressure from others that want to ‘get back to normal’ at whatever cost; and pressure from international organisations — Communist China is pushing vaccine passes as some sort of worldwide solution, and there’s talk about bodies like the UN getting involved.

There is going to be immense pressure on Australia and many other nations to comply and go down this route of vaccine passes, but we should push back for the sake of freedom.

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