Unvaccinated Kids Are Healthier?

Unvaccinated Kids Are Healthier?

By Circle of Mamas

It made an impression then, and every now and again it pops into my head as a reminder that there are people here who have questions and hesitations about the COVID-19 jab, but not necessarily all of them.

Some people give themselves the permission to be cautious about these COVID vaccines for various reasons, it was rushed, or it uses new-ish technology, but they don’t permit themselves to question the other 16 or whatever it is.

I got news for you: those childhood shots may be in a worse position: even MORE deception, sleight of hand, smoke and mirrors.

None of the shots on the 0-18 schedule have been double blind inert placebo controlled studied. They either use other vaccines, or buffer solutions, or aluminum only concoctions.

And the worst part is babies don’t speak. But they do cry. They do have GI issues. They do have behavioral changes.

Often these get written off as allergic to mama’s milk, colic, purple hour, sleep regressions, failure to thrive, child abuse and neglect, genetic predisposition.

The clinical trials are sometimes done in developing nations, or European nations and that data is extrapolated to American children.

There never is a zero dose or inert placebo group, and they’re always comparing vaccinated to vaccinated so adverse events are a wash.

There is no control group.

Welp, there is. It’s us. Or our children. And they want to essentially get rid of us….

Through removing exemptions, increasing restrictions, through discrimination and segregation, through intimidation, humiliation and censorship.

But there is a small control group sprinkled throughout the US, and study after study shows these people are really the healthiest group of all.

From Letter to DOH by Siri Glimstad, “Re: Vaccinated vs. unvaccinated health outcomes in Ulster children”, see sources below.


Again, if it was about health, this would be monumental.

Groundbreaking. We would be celebrated, studied, the doctors who bring forth this information would be heralded as heroes, but instead they are stripped of their medical licenses.

So yes, to answer your question. We are against all vaccines.

By all means, make your own choices.

But make INFORMED choices.


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Original source: https://circleofmamas.com/health-news/the-elephant-in-the-room-unvaccinated-kids-are-healthier/


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