VSRF Call Thur, Aug 4: Medical Heroes Forced Out of Medicine

VSRF Call Thur, Aug 4: Medical Heroes Forced Out of Medicine

By Steve Kirsch

Vaccine Injured Pediatrician & Medical Heroes Forced Out Of Medicine.

After 36 years as a professor and Pediatrician in the Bay Area, Dr. Jan Maisel, M.D., PhD, is being forced to retire because of her COVID vaccine injury.  She’ll come on the show to speak about this, how the government is handling the vaccine injured community, and what she thinks about the safety of the vaccine program.

I will also be speaking with nurse Erica Rhee, RN, medical student Maddie Johnson (and her mother, Marah) all forced to take the jabs.  All grievously injured by them.

At the height of COVID, we rightly viewed Healthcare workers as heroes. Like we do celebrities and professional athletes.   These workers put themselves on the frontline of this terrifying and new pandemic.

There were two professions that were especially targeted with the jab mandates, people in the military and healthcare workers.  These two groups had no choice but to take the vaccines.  All exemptions for health or religious objections were essentially dismissed.

Original Source: https://stevekirsch.substack.com/p/vsrf-call-thur-aug-4-medical-heroes

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