Young Swimmer Mariasofia Paparo Dies Following a Heart Attack

Young Swimmer Mariasofia Paparo Dies Following a Heart Attack

By Matthew Roscoe

She was about to celebrate her birthday and recently got engaged.

ITALIAN swimmer Mariasofia Paparo died following a heart attack just shy of her 28th birthday and only a month after getting engaged to be married. Tributes have poured in following the news of the young woman’s death.

The swimmer died suddenly at the age of 27 after suffering a cardiac arrest in San Giorgio a Cremano (Naples) on Monday, April 11, according to local reports.

Her fiancé and fellow swimmer Matteo Scarpati, who had successfully proposed on March 13, paid tribute to the woman he planned to marry.

“You were an angel who changed my life by giving me the strength to do things that I never could think about doing,” he said on Facebook.

“You taught me true love, you taught me to smile and be happy again. We had a life ahead and you left like that. I loved you from the first day I saw you, you made me struggle to conquer you, but then you agreed to live this fantastic adventure together and you gave me the best two years of my life.

“I will always remember you like this, as my beautiful Mariasofia, and I will always be your ciccino. I love you and I will always love you my love.”

As noted by MSN Italy, Mariasofia was an athlete of the Posillipo Swimming Club, in 2019 she was part of the staff of the Swim4Life Trophy, valid for the Supermaster FIN Circuit. She was part of the Speedo Masters Team and in 2020 she had participated in the crossing of the Strait of Messina, as well as in the Capri-Naples.

Her sister Mariapia Paparo shared a picture of the two and said on Instagram: “Bibbi what you did to me. What you’ve done to me.

“My life, where are you? My life, where have you gone? Why did you leave me? Why did I make you leave? You slipped through my hands. My life, my lips, my heart.

“You are so beautiful dressed as a bride, with your golden crown. You are beautiful. You were the sun and everyone wants to say hello. You tore my heart out.

“I shouted your name, I tried to make you stay. My love, what have you done to me.”

Paparo was due to graduate from Parthenope University on April 28, the eduction facility paid tribute to the student: “Mariasofia Paparo passed away prematurely, graduate student of the Department of Science and Technology (she would have graduated in April) and a professional swimmer. We share in the pain of the family and of all his friends.”

Swimming trainer Claudio Rais wrote: “When a member of the pack misses the pain and the emptiness is even stronger… Unfortunately, real life is only known by those who suffer, love, fight, believe and … in the end, they suddenly have to give up the race… I hope you can continue swimming happily among the clouds wonderful warrior. May the earth be light to you, Mariasofia Paparo.”

Portici Sports Centre shared a touching video of the club’s swimmers paying their respects with a minute’s silence and a round of applause.

The video was shared with the words: “The young life of Mariasofia Paparo stops. 27 years of light #wonderful… of love for others… of great #passion for sports. Your Portici Sports Centre friends wanted to greet you like this… Swimming, her great passion.”

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