How This Town Got Rid of Crime

How This Town Got Rid of Crime

By AJ Plus

This Mexican town kicked out the government and returned to its indigenous roots. Now they’re practically crime-free – and determined to keep it that way by banning all political parties and elections.

Here’s what others had to say:

Tecpaocelotl Castillo
I’m glad you bring up their indigenous roots. Most other segments about them usually ignore that.

This is democracy at the people’s level. they don’t need a corrupt billionaire ordering them what to do.

Beautiful, I salute you Mexican brothers and sisters. Hoping El Salvador does something like this.

It’s important to also note that Cherán, same as the rest of mexican indigenous communities, can have self-government. It’s in the law. Also, federal institutions are still there mainly to help with reforestation. This, along with other similar media, makes it sound like a crime-free anarchist utopia, when it’s only a thin veil protected by armored “autodefensas”. More than the Anarchist movement most comments here make it be, the case of Cherán should be looked at more as a true ambientalist and communal response to a corrupt government that would sell their own people’s land and did turn away its gaze from the real criminals killing off the townspeople for a portion of the land and woods.

The Traveler
I’ve always said all the problems in the world could be fixed by removing greedy pricks from the root of the problems, good for these people for doing what the rest of the world needs to do

DM 9678
This is probably the best town I have ever heard of. I would like to see all towns respect their ancestors and rituals like this.

Ink Kin
The moment you start defending yourself, the cowardice of your aggressor comes to the surface.

Teja Jonnalagadda
This is one of my most inspirational things, that I ever heard of of ! Decolonize ! Indigenize!

JCDenton 2012
As a US citizen from Alabama, I wish we could get rid of our countries duel-party system. I think you guys are probably onto something here with how you handled your corrupt political class, but I want to see how it works on a larger scale.

Fefnir Eindraer
I can see this happening in many many places in the US if things continue as they are.

Omar Aziz
better representation, that doesnt cause huge gaps from the politicians and the people they represent. each block has an elected member, and they meet at weekly bonfires (civic engagement), and i bet they dont accept money from companies to fund “campaigns”. democratically controlled capital/resources

No more political parties. Every politician should stand on their own merit. Run on the issues that matter.

This is absolutely wonderful. these people took back their town. it also shows that indigenous people knew how to govern themselves better than modern governments. I only hope the Mexican government doesn’t destroy this movement.

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