Situation Update – The Whole House of Cards Is COMING DOWN

Situation Update – The Whole House of Cards Is COMING DOWN

By Health Ranger Report

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Dr. Pam
Tried to eat last week at a Panera in Phoenix. I attempted to order over and over and they were missing different ingredients to make specific sandwiches and salads. After over 5 minutes of ordering and finally being able to work out a solution and paying the cashier, the manager ran up and said she couldn’t fill the order. I had two choices….a tuna salad sandwich or a turkey deli sandwich. I told the 20-year-old young lady at the register that she needed to start saving rice and beans. I also told her to buy some silver coins. She told me every year her grandfather since she was born has always given her a gold coin. I told her one day she would buy a nice home with that gold. She was in shock. But, I think what I was saying rang true for her. She thanked me over and over for taking the time to talk with her and she said no adult had ever taken the time to talk with her like I had done. We all need to make the effort to speak with young people working in restaurants and stores.

I never used to get sick until i started working around all these vaccinated people.

Steve Stojanovich
dude, CANADA has enough Uranium for you. Canada has enough oil and natural gas for a hundred years. Canada has all the minerals on earth including rare earth minerals. Do some research. Your problems are not supply, they are politicians, namely DEMONRATS!

Steve Stojanovich
The Unemployment rate is already 20%. The gov says it is 3.5% but they don’t tell you that they do not count people who want work but cannot find work and have given up looking for work. When those people are counted the U rate is 20%. See Shadow stats dot com for more info.

Ok. Mike. Expose the self assembled nano wires from the cadaver clots to 5G radiation frequency and observe. The crystaline mono-bodies maybe metallicines. The circular nWire formations you showed to Dr Jane Ruby appear to be one turn/winding of a receiver coil with taps attached. If they self stack you’ve got a bioInductor/transformer primary or secondary. The nwire appears hollow for perhaps a conductive nano fluid?
Fibrin is common in hemodialyzer end caps after tx. It doesn’t form structures but moreso fatty globules.

Report Truth
mike dont, i repeat do not cut that one clog strand that glows in the dark –
dr ruby showed and discussed that one that is encapsulated and is in a tube or something – if you puncture that one and its under pressure you will get hit with a gaseous cloud or a luminescent fliuid will hit you in the mouth or your eyes – as a matter of fact build a high containment box for this to disect those things – start with a one piece plexiglass fish tank – some of those clogs still look like they are alive or could squirt poison

Remember, those tampons can be used for emergency first aid in the event of civil war/invasio

Gun!!! those sheeple are going to be so easy to defeat once this thing goes kinetic.

Ad Min
collapse no power? who is going to look after / what wiil happen to those 450 plus nuclear power plants ? stockpile food good luck with that if all the food and water is contaminated.

That rally run made me so sad, so many incompetent, incapable people, living in fear. Their instincts seem to lead them toward danger, rather than survival.

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