A Response to Victor Davis Hanson, et al. – In 2024, Can We Please Be Honest? | The Gateway Pundit

A Response to Victor Davis Hanson, et al. – In 2024, Can We Please Be Honest? | The Gateway Pundit
Former President Donald Trump shared his mugshot on Thursday in his first post on X since Jan. 8, 2021.
Former President Donald Trump shared his mugshot on Thursday in his first post on X since Jan. 8, 2021. (@realDonaldTrump / X screen shot)

It’s 2024. Can we please be honest?

Victor Davis Hanson, one of the legendary conservative thinkers of our time, released Part 1 of his series – “Who are the Real Insurrectionaries?” on his X account at 10:31 PM on Sunday night as the clock winded down on 2023.

Victor starts his series by describing the latest actions by Maine Secretary of State and former ACLU activist Shenna Bellows.

Maine Secretary of State Shenna Bellows just ordered Trump’s name removed from the primary ballot in May. She claimed he is guilty in her view of “insurrection”—a crime Trump has never been charged with, much less convicted of.

Her evidence, mostly gleaned from popular news accounts and video reports, would not stand up in a court of law.

Bellows has no law degree. She was appointed by a majority vote of the Democratic-controlled Maine legislature, not through a popular ballot. Her legal expertise seems to be derived from years of political activism with the ACLU.

We can see where the ultimate trajectory of this usurpation is going—once a single official decides to remove the leading primary and general election candidate of the opposition from the ballot by fiat. Tit-for-tat will likely follow and would unwind the republic.

Take Bellows’ action and then apply it to any future candidacy of Hillary Clinton…

Maybe Victor forgot what year this is and what we just all witnessed in 2023, 2022, 2021, and 2020, and the last four years before that.

We are not witnessing a “tit-for-tat.” That is NOT the reality of our American lives today.
How we WISH there was a tit-for-tat! That would be a step up from where we are and have been!

Victor, what we are actually living through is all ‘tit’ and no ‘tat.’

** When the deep state Obama leftovers in the FBI and DOJ spied on President Trump, his family, his daughter, his campaign, his administration, all based on a lie they knew was a lie, nothing happened to the perpetrators. No one went to jail. No one went bankrupt. No one was locked up for 1,000 days without trial. Not one person suffered for this historic criminal act. Many of the perpetrators hold regular gigs on cable “news.” And the Washington Post and New York Times have not even returned their glorious Pulitzers for lying to the American public for three years straight – and counting!

** When the battleground states all colluded and announced they would stop counting ballots on election night in 2020 – and then mysteriously produced hundreds of thousands of Joe Biden votes in the middle of the night, nothing happened. There were no arrests. Bill Barr did not lift a finger to investigate.

** When Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton and 18 states filed the Texas vs. Pennsylvania lawsuit against the four battleground states that violated the United States Constitution by changing election procedures through non-legislative means, the Supreme Court refused to hear the case.  SCOTUS said Texas lacked standing when this was clearly not accurate.  There was no tit-for-tat.

** When GOP observers were locked out of the ballot counting rooms in every major city in the battleground states, did Chris Wray send in the FBI? No, of course not. The Democrats locked the rooms, blocked the view, and continued to count suspect ballots until Joe Biden pulled ahead, and they called the state for Old Joe. They even “overcame” a 800,000 Trump lead in Pennsylvania on election night! This was NEVER investigated. Chris Wray did not lift a finger.

** When USPS contract drivers reported trailers filled with completed ballots were moved from New York to Pennsylvania in the 2020 election, Bill Barr called off the investigation.

** When Georgia election workers were caught running stacks of ballots through the voting machines up to 4 times each after they sent the GOP observers home — they sued the reporters who broke the story (Gateway Pundit) and got a corrupt DC court to award them $148 million from Rudy Giuliani! Did ANY Republican dare to lift a finger to help Rudy Giuliani? Hell no!

** When Democrats, Antifa, Marxists and BLM rioted in cities across the United States in 2020 causing up to $2 billion damage — hundreds of those same rioters got paid!

** When Trump supporters were fired on by police, without any warning, with rubber bullets, smoke bombs, sound grenades and gallons of pepper spray, and were later arrested, many were held in prison for 1,000 days, without trial!

** Grandmas and doctors had their doors broke down.
** Hundreds of patriotic Americans had their homes raided at 6 AM by armed FBI agents for walking inside the open doors of the US Capitol. Most Republicans were TOO EMBARRASSED to speak out for over a year. Some still are. They let these men and women rot in prison. They allowed them to sit in kangaroo courts and to be sentenced with YEARS in prison for the events that day. Most are bankrupt. Families are shattered, 6 Trump supporters are dead – at least. Four were killed that day and were not even mentioned in the flagrantly dishonest January 6 Committee Report… Where was the pushback? THERE WASN’T ANY! This abuse is still taking place today. And the state media is still pushing the lies to this day!
** When Chris Wray was questioned about FBI agents infiltrating the Trump crowds on January 6, he lied. When will he be held to account? He won’t!

** When news broke (many reports on this website) of extreme abuse of the Trump supporters in prison today what was the response? Not a peep.

** When the government- leftist groups – and the tech giants colluded to silence and destroy conservative news outlets, what happened? The conservative news outlets went out of business. Many of these outlets that were left learned to not report on touchy subjects like election fraud, COVID, or Donald Trump = or lose their ads and social media traffic.

** In 2016, this website ranked as the 4th most influential conservative media outlet on Facebook and Twitter. So the tech giants targeted us and today our social media traffic is negligible. Thank God our traffic keeps growing anyway. We spoke out about this in 2017. We spoke before Congress in 2018. It was only in 2022 that brave Republican leaders, Missouri Senator, then Attorney General, Eric Schmitt and Louisiana governor elect and current Attorney General Jeff Landry, along with The Gateway Pundit and others, filed a lawsuit that the government and tech giants, and leftist organizations were finally called out for their unconstitutional behavior. Where was the tit-for-tat? THERE WASN’T ANY!

** When President Trump’s home was raided for taking home classified documents and Melania’s underwear drawer was searched by FBI heavies, where was the tit-for-tat? Only a few hundred protesters met outside his home. And now we know that Joe Biden held classified documents for decades, even in an open garage! But Joe gets a hard pass.

** When Joe Biden’s criminal actions were found in his son’s laptop along with hundreds of porn images and illicit pay-for-play business deals where was the tit-for-tat? Republicans still haven’t held a single impeachment hearing. They even went on vacation after Hunter Biden skipped his deposition and mocked them at the US Senate building.

** When a crazy, homely woman said President Trump bought her lingerie at New York City department store and then raped her sometime around 30 years ago, Trump was hauled into court and charged with rape! Where was the outrage, the mass protests, the property damage? Nothing happened.

** President Trump is currently being harassed by a crazed New York Attorney General for charges that never should have been filed and never should have seen a day in court. Yet, this ongoing showtrial is still making headlines and Trump is still being dragged in to prove he is innocent – the burden is on him – not the criminal and unimpressive AG.

We could go on and on and on and on…

So when intelligent and respected Republicans and conservatives warn that the current Marxist takeover of America could bring on a ‘tit-for-tat,’ we beg to differ.

It’s 2024. Can we please be honest and quit fooling ourselves?

Our lives are too important to continue to play these pretend games.

We love you, Victor. Can we please be honest?

Here is Victor’s full tweet.

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