Alberta Health delays release of COVID-19 immunity testing policy

Alberta Health delays release of COVID-19 immunity testing policy

An access to information filing by Rebel News for documents on an Alberta Health policy of blocking doctor-ordered natural immunity tests is 27 months overdue.

Rebel News filed for the documents after hearing the story of the Byfield family and their attempts to make an informed choice about whether they needed the COVID-19 vaccine at all. The family bloodwork was taken by the province and the testing ordered by the family’s doctor was denied.

In early 2021, an illness ripped through the Byfield home. Dad Vince, his four kids and his wife were all sick, some worse than others. The illness was worse the older the afflicted Byfield was.

That is, all except for Grandpa Ted, who lived with Vince and his family.

Grandpa Ted, who has since passed, was 93 and he was doubly vaccinated against COVID-19. Naturally, the Byfields were all but certain they had COVID. Vince just needed a doctor to confirm it.

It was something Vince and his family wanted to know before they made the informed decision to be vaccinated since, at the time, and now proven in practice, an Israeli study had shown that natural immunity to COVID — the kind you get when you contract an illness and recover — is stronger and more resilient than the vaccine-induced kind.

So, Vince’s doctor ordered the serological test for COVID-19 antibodies and Vince went off to the local private lab.

But the Byfields never received their results.

The Central Alberta government lab stepped in and put a stop to the test — they overruled Vince’s doctor without ever knowing why the doctor had ordered the test.

But Vince was determined to know his medical information. He paid out of pocket to send his blood to the Mayo Clinic in the United States. And sure enough, Vince had COVID-19 at some point.

Back then, I reached out to Alberta Health Services and a spokesperson told me that antibody testing is not available for Albertans unless the test is specifically approved by the government on a case-by-case basis. They told me this sort of testing is only used for “surveillance” purposes.

Why were Albertans denied this information and why wasn’t the policy of denying serological COVID antibody testing being conveyed to the public and doctors? And if antibody testing is used for surveillance, then why wasn’t the government trying to collect as much data on COVID recovery rates as possible?

In reality, Albertans were so curious about their own health that private testing facilities opened to cater to those who wanted to know more information.

Rebel News asked the Alberta government to:

Provide copies of documents presenting orders, directions, instructions and/or email/correspondence discussion to Dr. Deena Hinshaw regarding if/when COVID antibody testing and/or COVID serology test should be done and what are done with the results. Example: are the results reported, are they provided to the patient, etc.

Finally, 27 months later, with no extension taken by the bureaucrats tasked with handing over the documents, Alberta Health replied to the filing:

We do apologize for the delay in responding to your request and appreciate your patience. However, please advise if you would still like us to continue to process this request.

The decision-makers responsible for denying Albertans access to medical information about themselves that would have helped them make informed choices for themselves and their families must be held accountable.

If people had truly known if they were naturally immune to COVID-19, including the many people who caught it and hardly noticed, the house of cards built on fear control and vaccine company profits would have fallen apart.

And four years later, the coverup persists.

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