Alexa Lavoie’s craziest moments caught on camera!

Alexa Lavoie’s craziest moments caught on camera!

This year has witnessed significant changes in the media landscape. I faced challenges while participating in events hosted by the Conservative Party of Canada in the past. The vigilant eyes of Corey Hann, Erin O’Toole’s press secretary, seemed to closely observe my every move. However, with Pierre Poilievre assuming leadership, there appears to be a gradual restoration of press freedom following Trudeau’s authoritarian regime.

The highlight of 2023 was the opportunity we had to attend the Conservative Convention at the Quebec City Convention Centre. The winds have shifted, and Liberals were falling; during the convention, some Liberal ministers voiced their criticisms outside. Although, they didn’t expect to face unexpected scrutiny from numerous independent and unsubsidized media outlets, posing challenging questions.

International travels were also a highlight of this year. The tragedy in Maui, marked by an uncontrollable fire and severe negligence resulting in numerous casualties, was particularly harrowing. After the incident, Joe Biden chose not to comment on the catastrophe.

A noteworthy experience was the recent trip to London, covering two simultaneous events: a demonstration to protect the cenotaph on Remembrance Day and a sizable anti-Israel march. During the anti-Israel protest, I captured a moment where an individual expressed unfiltered thoughts.

In 2023, left-wing activism gained attention, whether regarding gender identities, climate change concerns, or the situation in Palestine. Rebel News’ Quebec team faced multiple challenges when covering some events related to the ‘Climate Rage’ in Montreal.

A significant moment occurred at the Museum of Civilization in Quebec during the “LOVE ME GENDER” exhibition. The launch, etched into my memory, which featured young children disturbed by the sight of a naked man, all in the name of promoting diversity, equity, and inclusivity.

As the year slowly comes to an end, numerous new reports await us. We invite you to join us in 2024 for more reports that provide a unique perspective you won’t find elsewhere.

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