Allegations surface of Bill Clinton threatening Vanity Fair over Epstein coverage

Allegations surface of Bill Clinton threatening Vanity Fair over Epstein coverage

Former President Bill Clinton is alleged to have entered the Vanity Fair newsroom and issued threats to prevent the publication of stories relating to sex-trafficking accusations against his associate, Jeffrey Epstein.

This claim was disclosed in recently unsealed court documents associated with the Epstein case. The allegation was made by Epstein accuser Virginia Giuffre during a 2011 email exchange with Daily Mail journalist Sharon Churcher, the New York Post reported.

Giuffre, in her correspondence, expressed concerns to Churcher about potential coverage by Vanity Fair, referencing an incident where Clinton allegedly sought to suppress articles about Epstein’s sex trafficking activities.

“When I was doing some research into VF yesterday, it does concern me what they could want to write about me considering that B.Clinton walked into VF and threatened them not to write sex-trafficing [sic] articles about his good friend J.E,” Giuffre wrote in the aforementioned email.

The validity of Giuffre’s account remains unclear, and former Vanity Fair editor Graydon Carter has categorically denied such an event occurring.

Additionally, a separate document from the latest release indicates that Clinton, who reportedly traveled with Epstein and his accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell, may possess knowledge about their illegal activities.

However, a spokesperson for Clinton has directed inquiries to a previous statement from 2019, asserting Clinton’s ignorance of Epstein’s crimes and noting that their last interaction was over a decade ago. The statement also mentions Clinton’s travels on Epstein’s plane, linking them to work with the Clinton Foundation.

This revelation is part of a larger set of documents being unsealed, which include names of various influential figures who had interactions with Epstein. The first batch of over 40 court papers has already introduced a list of prominent individuals, including Prince Andrew and the late Stephen Hawking, associated with the late financier.

More documents are anticipated to be released, potentially implicating additional associates, employees, and victims connected to Epstein.

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