America in Distress: How to Help the Hundreds of Political Prisoners Still Held Today by the Biden Regime and Save America from Communism – by J6 Prisoner Isaac A. Thomas | The Gateway Pundit

America in Distress: How to Help the Hundreds of Political Prisoners Still Held Today by the Biden Regime and Save America from Communism – by J6 Prisoner Isaac A. Thomas | The Gateway Pundit
J6 Defendant Isaac Thomas

Guest post by January 6 political prisoner Isaac A. Thomas

As we approach the 3rd anniversary of the January 6th protests on Capitol Hill, we must ask ourselves, how can we play a role in saving America from the communist regime that has taken over our nation? Over the last 3 years, hundreds of God-loving American patriots have been rounded-up by corrupt 3 letter agencies, denied due process, and thrown into gulags across the country.

Ashli Babbitt, one of four Trump supporters killed by police action at the protests on January 6, 2021.

We have had our families, our homes, and our careers taken from us. We have been deemed deplorable by nearly every mainstream news outlet in every state. We’ve received death threats; we’ve been called names and even been subject to violent attacks by correction officers and other inmates while incarcerated.

When will enough be enough? America is supposed to be the land of the free. The land of opportunity and prosperity for those who love their community …and their country. So, how did our country turn into such a dark place where right equals wrong and good equals bad? The truth is, we all know the answer to that. Unfortunately, America has turned away from God and relied on corrupt politicians in Washington to save us. We allowed the establishment to infiltrate all aspects of our government, including some of the most critical leadership positions. We were distracted by advancing technology and unheard-of innovations, never stopping to think that these things could be used against us someday. Genetically Modified foods? Who cares… Electronic voting machines with access to the Internet? Makes it easier right? Artificial intelligence instead of natural intelligence? No big deal. The propaganda machines have brainwashed us into thinking that this is just the way things are. Things evolve, people evolve; that’s just the reality of life.

But it’s not. Many of these things were created and now they hurt us. They used the voting machines to steal an election. The “advancement” in medicine led to COVID-19 vaccines that are killing people. The worst part about it is that anyone who doesn’t consent to this “new” way of life, anyone who doesn’t play their sick game, is retaliated against and sometimes thrown into jail. They are excluded from society and deemed of lesser value. The God-loving patriots in the MAGA movement fall right into that category. We pose a threat to their hierarchy because we choose to bow down to a righteous God instead of a corrupt government.

There are millions of us. We love this country, and we won’t let them steal it from us. This is why hundreds of thousands of people protested at the US Capitol on January 6th. We knew that Joe Biden and the establishment would launch an assault on America if they succeeded in stealing the 2020 election. The aftermath of January 6th was the establishment’s first chance to take away our rights. The aftermath of January 6th was the establishments first chance to take away our country and make an example of anyone who opposed them by instilling fear into thousands of innocent American citizens. They have waged war on the true American patriots who love this country and would do anything to save it, and unfortunately, they are winning. They have way more manpower and unlimited resources than us since they use our tax dollars to fund their paychecks.

As bad as it is, there is still hope. Thousands of patriots are volunteering their time to help the j6ers and others who are being targeted by this radical regime. However, we still need your help. Many January 6th defendants like me are In desperate need of legal representation. The few attorneys we have for j6ers have found themselves overwhelmed with caseloads and are asking for help to take on cases. We are looking for dedicated, patriotic attorneys who love this country and are willing to step up to provide assistance to help us fight the legal battles we are facing.

If you are an attorney who is willing to step up and represent a January 6th defendant, please email. …….. For more information, attorneys are a huge part of this battle, but everyday American citizens can also help us win this war. Below are some great organizations that have dedicated their everyday lives and talents to help secure freedom for those persecuted by this regime.

Please reach out to any of these organizations to see how you can play a part in saving America from its destruction.

Isaac Thomas is currently being held in the DC Gulag – nearly three years after the protests on January 6, 2021.

Isaac Thomas via Condemned USA
Isaac Thomas was the voice for the voiceless on January 6

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