Anti-Israel protesters block Toronto railway, prompting arrests

Anti-Israel protesters block Toronto railway, prompting arrests

In the afternoon of April 16, activists against Israel initiated a 5-hour railway blockade in Toronto’s west end, near Dundas Street West and Dupont.

At 3:00 p.m., a hundred protesters seized control of the tracks, displaying anti-Israel signs alongside Palestinian flags and chanting antisemitic slogans.

Social media pages posting footage from the scene urged the public to join.


At 7:30 p.m., the Toronto Police Service (TPS) intervened, dispersing protesters participating in the blockade. In a video recorded by Le and shared online by independent journalist Caryma Sa’d, the activists can be seen aggressively resisting the police and shouting derogatory slurs.

“MOVE BACK, PLEASE,” officers can be seen ordering demonstrators while clearing the tracks.

An activist is seen using her bike against the line of officers and is threatened with confiscation.

“KKK, IOF (Israel Occupying Forces), TPS, you’re all the same!” the crowd chanted while facing off with the police.

Anti-Semitic slogans slandering those who support the Jewish state as racists and terrorists were shouted by the mob.

“All the Zionists are racists; all the Zionists are the terrorists!”

At 9 p.m., police operations confirmed in a media release that 4 protesters were arrested, the roads were reopened, and the protest dispersed.

Following the Hamas terror attack against Israel on October 7, which left 1100 massacred, there has been a rise in protests across the West in opposition to Israel’s defensive response.

Israel’s military action in Gaza, according to local authorities, has resulted in 30,000 deaths. However, these numbers remain unconfirmed and unreliable.

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