Argentina: Milei Implements ‘Chainsaw Plan’ Slashes Government on Day 1

Argentina: Milei Implements ‘Chainsaw Plan’ Slashes Government on Day 1

Last Updated on December 11, 2023

Newly-inaugurated Argentine President Javier Milei wasted no time in implementing his “chainsaw plan” after being sworn into office on Sunday, announcing the end of multiple government agencies created by Argentina’s left-wing former rulers.

Argentine President Javier Milei’s “chainsaw plan” is in effect, with Milei announcing the slashing of several government agencies, reducing the total number of Argentine government ministries from 21 to 9. The cuts included left-wing pet projects like the Ministry of Women Genders and Diversity which, as the name suggests, used government power and resources to promote the LGBT agenda in Argentina.

With the stroke of a pen, in addition to the Ministry of Women Genders and Diversity, Milei eliminated the Ministries of Agriculture, Education, Culture, Environment and Sustainable Development, Productive Development, Public Works, Science Technology and Innovation, Social Development, Habitat, Tourism and Sports, as well as Transport.

Consistent with Milei’s economic views, which have been described as libertarian, the Argentine President is calling for such programs to be picked up by the private sector, not by the government at the expense of the people.

Additionally, Milei has cleaned house when it comes to the ministries that haven’t been eliminated, sending his 9 remaining government ministers packing on day one, as well as the now-former Presidential Chief of Staff.

Additional slashes to government spending are expected to follow the ministry cuts in quick succession, kicking off Milei’s program to revitalize the Latin American nation that was once one of the wealthiest in the world, before the left sunk their teeth into it.

Watch Javier Milei Slash the Argentine Administrative State in the Video Below: 

While the quick implementation of Milei’s “chainsaw plan” has reaped praise from around the world, many still are not sold on the economist-turned-president who was once affiliated with the World Economic Forum.

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In what may be the first sign of a crack in the foundation of Milei’s presidency, after announcing slashes to government ministries, Milei’s administration announced that he’d reversed course on his vow to withdraw Argentina from the Paris Climate Accord, a centerpiece of his presidential campaign.


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