Avi Yemini arrives in Davos to hold the WEF accountable

Avi Yemini arrives in Davos to hold the WEF accountable

Can the World Economic Forum regain your trust? That’s the theme for this year’s WEF summit in Davos, Switzerland: “Rebuilding Trust”.

Just turn that over in your mind for bit.

The people who tell you to eat bugs — while they’re eating steaks; the people who tell you that “you’ll own nothing and be happy” — while they’re millionaires and billionaires; the people who tell you to reduce your carbon footprint — while they fly to Davos in private jets.

Do you believe them when they say they want to rebuild trust? I’m not, because the WEF is worse than ever. That’s why I’m back here in Davos with our Rebel News team at the secretive annual meeting.

Obviously, they’ve refused to officially accredit me or any other Rebels. So we’re not allowed inside the secret meetings, but that isn’t going to stop us from doing accountability journalism on the streets of Davos.

You’ll remember last year, where we picked off the VVIPs one at a time. That’s the thing, it’s so hard to get here. Davos is an exclusive ski resort town in the Swiss Alps; the WEF buys out every hotel room in Davos so no outsiders can stay in town. Here, the VVIPs let down their guard.

They walk on the streets with an entourage, sometimes even without a bodyguard. So when we spot them and approach them with questions, they have no where to run and nowhere to hide.

Lat year, we hit the jackpot when we scrummed Albert Bourla, the Pfizer CEO, which was seen by 40 million people. It was the first time that vaccine merchant ever had to endure real questions, not questions scripted in advance.

Who will we find this year? Well, Davos is teeming with politicians, lobbyists, bankers and other supervillains. That’s why we’re here.

And no, we don’t trust WEF chairman Klaus Schwab, and we never will.

Follow all of our coverage and support our work here in Davos at WEFreports.com.

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