Avi Yemini hater’s lies DEBUNKED by simple receipts

Avi Yemini hater’s lies DEBUNKED by simple receipts

In a recent broadcast anti-Israel activist Maram Susli, known online as ‘Syrian Girl’ took aim at Rebel News reporter Avi Yemini.

When the conversation shifted to her conflicting viewpoints with Avi, Maram seemingly went off-script with a series of comments that caught the attention of Avi’s network of haters.

“One time he (Avi) called me out of the blue, I don’t even know where he found my number,” she boasted in the broadcast.

After being asked as to why Avi had contacted her, she said “He wanted to invite me to Israel,” and suggested that it had occurred “just before his wedding” and that she didn’t know where Avi had obtained her number from.

Unfortunately for Maram, Avi had kept the receipts to show her story was a complete fantasy.

Text messages between the pair show that Maram had lied about essentially every part of the interaction, with Avi seen reaching out in good faith to have a conversation with Maram, who resides in Perth, while his wife would also be in attendance.

The message chain also shows how Avi transparently obtained her number and his genuine willingness to engage in dialogue with those with different points of view.

Avi finished his video response with a simple response for those demanding he debate Maram.

“If she is willing to lie about everything that’s so insignificant, what’s the point of having a real conversation with her? I don’t see it.”






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