Breaking: Coutts 3 found guilty of mischief

Breaking: Coutts 3 found guilty of mischief

Anti-lockdown demonstrators Marco Van Huigenbos George Janzen and Alex Van Herk were found guilty by a Lethbridge jury of mischief for their participation in the February 2022 Coutts, Alberta border blockade.

The protest of farmers, truckers and their supporters formed at the border between Alberta and Sweetgrass, Montana simultaneously with the Freedom Convoy in Ottawa.

Jury deliberations began in earnest Tuesday after a weeks long trial for the three men. Into the evening the jury inquired about the elements required to find the trio guilty of mischief.

Prior to the verdict, Marco Van Huigenbos said he felt a sense of “thankfulness and peace” as his fate was in the hands of a jury of his peers.

The three men participated in a weeks long anti-covid mandate demonstration which saw the busiest border crossing between Alberta and Montana blockaded off and on for days by farm equipment, trucks and trailers.

The trio is represented by the registered Canadian charity The Democracy Fund . To make a tax deductible donation to their legal fund, visit

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