Breaking: ‘Trans activist’ Jessica Simpson found guilty of another criminal offence

Breaking: ‘Trans activist’ Jessica Simpson found guilty of another criminal offence

BC Judge J. Solomon has just handed down the latest ruling in a series of convictions for the self-proclaimed trans activist Jessica Serenity Simpson. Simpson, formerly Jonathan Yaniv, has been found guilty of public mischief for pulling a fire alarm for false purposes.

The incident occurred last Spring after a dog that Simpson claims is her service dog became unruly in a common area of a retirement home, the residence of Simpson’s elderly mother.

After repeatedly asking for Simpson to remove the dog, a 70-year-old man named Gerald Funke, who is dependent on a walker, was met by a forceful push from Simpson after moving the dog from off of a chair. Another man intervened to stop the altercation.

Simpson called 911 and falsely claimed to have been assaulted by Mr. Funke, which Judge Solomon today acknowledged as a lie. Simpson also pulled the fire alarm, which the defence attorney argued was done out of fear for Simpson’s life.

Judge Solomon said of this, “I find that the accused explanation for pulling the fire alarm does not stand beyond a reasonable doubt and that the Crown has proved beyond reasonable doubt that the accused pulled the fire alarm in the building without reasonable cause.”

Simpson also faced an assault charge for shoving the elderly man.

While Judge Solomon agreed that Simpson pushed Mr. Funke away from the dog with harder force than was necessary, his ruling found that “the Crown has failed to prove the accused guilt beyond a reasonable doubt” and thus Simpson was not guilty of assault.

Simpson has had three prior convictions, including being found guilty of assaulting my former colleague, Keean Bexte. The assault took place while he was covering a hearing discussing Simpson’s brandishing of a prohibited weapon on the YouTube channel for political commentator Blair White.

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