Carol Miller Backs Warrantless Spying on American Citizens With FISA Vote

Carol Miller Backs Warrantless Spying on American Citizens With FISA Vote

Last Updated on April 17, 2024

West Virginia Rep. Carol Miller (R-1) voted in Congress for uni-party legislation to reauthorize the federal government’s unconstitutional and illegal warrantless spying under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act which, unlike the name would imply, is frequently used to spy on American citizens deemed political enemies of the deep state, including President Trump and his 2016 campaign. And Miller didn’t stop there. After voting to reauthorize the deep state’s spying spree, she reassembled with her uni-party colleagues to block a motion to reconsider the vote, thereby streamlining the legislation to the Senate, which is fully expected to send it to Joe Biden’s desk for a rubber stamp.

H.R. 7888 has reauthorized the FBI’s warrantless spying on American citizens for at least another two years after GOP Speaker of the House Mike Johnson called upon the old Kevin McCarthy coalition and their faithful Democrat counterparts to get the bill rammed through with 147 Republicans and 126 Democrats supporting the FISA renewal.

Among those voting in support of giving federal authorities a key to the private conversations and personal information of American citizens, no warrant required, was West Virginia GOP Rep. Carol Miller, whose 1st District constituency is one of the most pro-Trump political subdivisions in the entire country.

President Trump who, as mentioned, has himself been a victim of the Stalinist FISA program, took to Truth Social ahead of the H.R. 7888 vote to call on members of Congress, like Carol Miller, to “KILL FISA,” reminding them that the program was used to spy on his 2016 presidential campaign in a naked effort to use the federal government’s wide-reaching, self-bestowed powers to rig the election – but to no avail.

Trump Truth on FISA

Now, in the wake of the vote, House Republicans are facing massive backlash from their constituents, and calls are growing for Speaker Mike Johnson to face the same Motion to Vacate fate as his predecessor.

But Carol Miller is doubling down on her support of Johnson’s uni-party-dictated legislative program.

Miller, who faithfully stood beside disgraced ex-Speaker Kevin McCarthy through his 15 speakership votes and eventual removal, lauded his replacement in a post she made to X, writing that Speaker Johnson “has led the House of Representatives with strength and determination,” and adding that she supports him “wholeheartedly.”

Carol Miller Mike Johnson

On the contrary, Miller’s primary opponent in the 1st District, Derrick Evans, a former J6 political prisoner, has spent the days following H.R. 7888’s passing ripping into the House GOP and has pegged Miller’s vote for the FISA renewal as just the latest in a long line of votes showing she’s “folded on the people of West Virginia.”

Derrick Evans Carol Miller FISA Vote


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