CLAIM: Steve Garvey Falsified Medical Records to Dodge Vietnam Draft, With Help from LA DODGERS!

CLAIM: Steve Garvey Falsified Medical Records to Dodge Vietnam Draft, With Help from LA DODGERS!

Last Updated on December 23, 2023

National File can reveal that California GOP Senate candidate Steve Garvey allegedly falsified medical records to dodge the Vietnam War draft with help from the aptly-named Los Angeles Dodgers Major League Baseball team, for which Garvey was a star player at the time of the war.

Steve Garvey allegedly dodged service in the Vietnam War to save his baseball career with the Los Angeles Dodgers, for whom Garvey began playing in 1969, at the height of the conflict that saw more than 2 million young American men conscripted into service, more than 58,000 of whom died.

Garvey’s run for United States Senate features a heavy dose of Los Angeles Dodger merchandise.

The heavy Dodger branding surrounding Garvey’s candidacy has led some to question whether the Dodgers are using Garvey to get beyond their recent public relations SNAFUs — the celebrations of deviant, child-friendly homosexual behavior at a family ball park led by the Sisters of Perpetual indulgence, who describe themselves as an “order of queer and trans nuns,” and the premature release of former Dodger pitcher Trevor Bauer after a woman lodged unproven abuse claims against him.

National File is attempting to contact Garvey, as well as members of the Los Angeles Dodgers organization, for comment on this story.

The corporate press has circled the wagons in an effort to assist Garvey and the Dodgers with their effort to get past the recent spate of scandals. Bill Gates’s MSN breathlessly reported that Garvey is in line to best two of the big name Democrats in the U.S. Senate’s jungle primary contest. “California Dreaming: Republican Steve Garvey in line to beat two big-name Democrats in Senate jungle primary,”

Garvey’s personal track record is far from pristine.

At one point, two women — Cheryl Moulton and Rebecka Mendenhall — sued Garvey in the span of one year claiming that he was the father of their children.

The claim about the L.A. Dodgers assisting Garvey in dodging the Vietnam War draft is a new addition to Garvey’s checkered record.

Whether or not Garvey will succeed in helping the Dodgers polish their tarnished reputation is up in the air.

National File has reached out to Garvey and the L.A. Dodgers about Garvey’s military service and what, if any involvement the Dodgers had with assisting in Garvey’s successful discharge from military duty.

Steve Garvey Draft Claim

Garvey is running for the vacant US Senate seat long held by late Democrat Dianne Feinstein. In California, candidates are nominated by way of a jungle primary in which the top two vote-getters, regardless of partisan affiliation, make the November ballot.

In 2024, with a fractured Democrat Party and a multitude of Democrat candidates vying for office, Republicans are believed to have a better chance than at any time in recent years of actually getting a candidate on the ballot, if voters unite behind one candidate.

As of a poll released earlier in the fall, Garvey, who supports Kevin McCarthy, is backed by California’s GOP establishment, and refuses to say if he will vote for President Trump in 2024, was polling in third place, behind Democrats Katie Porter and Adam Schiff.

Though Garvey’s backed by the establishment, he’s been blasted by conservatives for running a disingenuous campaign. One conservative insider accused Garvey of using his Senate campaign to garner press and boost his chances of being elected to baseball’s Hall of Fame, an honor that has long eluded him.

As National File reported:

Former California Republican Assembly President Stephen Frank blasted Steve Garvey in a write-up published on Frank’s website, CA Political News and Views, saying that Garvey’s run for the US Senate is actually a campaign for the Baseball Hall of Fame.


“Even [Garvey’s] ‘campaign’ logo looks like an effort to remind the MLB Veterans Committee to vote him into the Hall of Fame,” Frank wrote, also noting that in a campaign email blasted out last month, Garvey neglected to mention anything he’d actually do as a US Senator.

In addition to the criticism from Stephen Frank, Garvey has been ripped both in and out of politics for his checkered personal past, which includes extramarital affairs, fathering children out of wedlock and then failing to support them, and accumulating massive personal debt that earned write-ups in several news publications.

Conservatives have raised concerns that, if he makes the general election ballot, Garvey will be destroyed by Democrats and rejected by voters thanks to his baggage, much like Cal Cunningham of North Carolina, the Democrat whose extramarital affair was exposed by National File, tanking his US Senate hopes.

As National File reported:

The Los Angeles Times reported in 2006, Garvey and his second wife Candace had a reputation for driving around in luxury cars, living in mansions, and galavanting around the world while living in “financial chaos” and failing to pay “dozens of people” who’d “worked for them for years”.

At the time, Garvey owed his attorneys more than $300,000, the report added.

Disturbingly, Garvey even neglected to pay for his own children’s visits to the doctor, leading the family’s pediatrician to write the Garveys a letter informing them that all future services would be provided on a “cash-only” basis.

In addition to his financial woes, Garvey’s checkered personal life has landed him in hot water numerous times over the years. He’s known to have fathered at least two children out of wedlock and has been dragged into court to answer for his failure to support his progeny, an issue that ties directly into his aforementioned money problems, again according to The Los Angeles Times.

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