Congress Confirms Biden’s Yemen War Is Unconstitutional

Congress Confirms Biden’s Yemen War Is Unconstitutional

Congress says Biden Yemen strikes unconstitutional, mike Johnson backs Biden, claims he doesn’t need congress!

The U.S. and U.K.’s coordinated attack Thursday evening on the Iran-backed Houthi rebel—who have been wreaking havoc on international shipping routes in the Red Sea for weeks—has been met by members of Congress with a bipartisan mix of support but also some unease over President Joe Biden’s seemingly unilateral executive action that risks escalating the conflict already raging in the Middle East.

The two countries’ militaries targeted Houthi-controlled sites in Yemen in a series of bombings, with Biden warning in a White House statement that he will not hesitate “to direct further measures to protect our people and the free flow of international commerce as necessary.”

Rep. Ro Khanna (D-Calif. 17)

The President’s strikes in Yemen are unconstitutional. For over a month, he consulted an international coalition to plan them, but never came to Congress to seek authorization as required by Article I of the Constitution. We need to listen to our Gulf allies, pursue de-escalation, and avoid getting into another Middle East war.

Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Ky. 4)

Only Congress has the power to declare war. I have to give credit to [Rep. Ro Khanna] here for sticking to his principles, as very few are willing to make this statement while their party is in the White House.

House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La. 04)

This action by U.S. and British forces is long overdue, and we must hope these operations indicate a true shift in the Biden Administration’s approach to Iran and its proxies that are engaging in such evil and wreaking such havoc. They must understand there is a serious price to pay for their global acts of terror and their attacks on U.S. personnel and commercial vessels. America must always project strength, especially in these dangerous times.

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