Crown prosecutor says gay activist who tore down Progress Pride flag was hate motivated

Crown prosecutor says gay activist who tore down Progress Pride flag was hate motivated

This past Friday, I sat in on the criminal court hearing for a gay child protection activist who found himself in hot water last summer after he was arrested for the removal and threat to destroy a Progress Pride flag, which was hoisted up in North Vancouver’s Lonsdale Quay waterfront.

Kristopher Kamienik, a B.C. resident who is often seen holding a “Gays Against Groomers” sign at parental rights protests, which oppose the sexualization of kids through state-funded means, such as sexually explicit books “for kids” in schools, agrees he took his activism too far when removing the flag.

In court, Kamienik pleaded guilty to two counts of mischief, one for the flag incident and another for allegations that, during COVID-19 lockdowns, Kamienik wrote offensive phrases on the outside of the offices of two MLAs who supported COVID restrictions.

“My actions were never meant to hurt or harm anyone; they were all done out of frustrations,” Kamienik said when he addressed Judge Joanne Challenger, who is presiding over this matter. “The pandemic affected me immensely,” he added.

Crown prosecutor E. Sabourin disagreed, saying the video played in court, in which Kamienik could be heard calling the flag ugly and stating words like “pedo,” shows Kamienik’s actions were hateful.

Sabourin argued that although Kamienik himself is a gay man, he should receive a suspended sentence, which would carry a criminal record with no jail time but would include a one-year probation and restrictions from the Lonsdale Quay area.

The Crown prosecutor also argued that due to there being a large public interest regarding a crime that targeted a marginalized community, then Judge Challenger should consider hate as an aggravating factor for sentencing.

For the mischief charge relating to the phrases on MLA offices, the Crown agreed with Kamienik’s defence lawyer, Jordan Allingham, that a conditional discharge would be sufficient, but that Kamienik should be ordered to pay restitution for the approximate $300 in cleaning costs for the vandalism.

Allingham argued that Kamienik should only receive a conditional discharge for the offences because he had taken responsibility with the guilty plea: “He has no criminal record other than these allegations; he was raised by a low-income single mother and was bullied for his sexual orientation,” the lawyer said.

In a previous interview with Kamienik after he was assaulted while peacefully protesting a drag queen story time in Coquitlam, Kamienik shared with Rebel News that part of the reason he is so committed to child protection activism is because he himself is a survivor of child grooming, which resulted in him being molested by two different individuals as a child.

Allingham also pointed out the history of sexual abuse Kamienik faced as a child for the judge’s consideration.

“He believed he was making an expressive statement fighting against what he believed was virtue signalling — he was not motivated by hate,” argued Allingham.

Kamienik seconded his counsel’s defence, hoping the judge would “take into consideration my upbringing and the challenges that I’ve faced, and just my frustration, and being sick of having been bullied myself my whole life.”

Before the hearing adjourned, Judge Challenger said she expects it will take no longer than a couple of hours for her to make her decision, but because the hearing time had come to an end, the matter would be adjourned to a future date.

Rebel News will keep you informed on the outcome, but for now, watch our full report to hear Kamienik’s thoughts right after leaving the hearing.

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