DeSantis Says He is Looking Into Ways to Keep Biden Off Florida Ballot: ‘We’re Going to Fight Back’ | The Gateway Pundit

DeSantis Says He is Looking Into Ways to Keep Biden Off Florida Ballot: ‘We’re Going to Fight Back’ | The Gateway Pundit

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis told reporters that he is looking into ways to keep Joe Biden off of the Florida ballot due to the “invasion of 8 million” at the southern border.

Democrats are working to keep former President Donald Trump off of as many ballots as they can nationwide. The Supreme Court is set to hear arguments over it in February.

“I do think the US Supreme Court is going to have to take the case,” DeSantis told reporters after a campaign event in Iowa on Friday. “I do think they’re going to have to rein this in, because I just think if you look at it, it just becomes too different.”

DeSantis said that his administration has been looking into if they can make the case over the invasion happening at the southern border.

“You could make a case — we’re actually I’m actually looking at this in Florida now. Could we make a credible case that Biden, because of the invasion of eight million?” DeSantis said.

DeSantis said he disagrees with keeping candidates off of ballots, but said that it is important to “fight back” and play by the same rules that the left is making.

“I think if this is going to happen for them . . . I don’t believe in fighting with one hand tied behind your back. Whatever the rules are applied to us, we’re going to fight back and play the rules the other way,” DeSantis said.

DeSantis also vowed to fight against the Democrats’ “lawfare and weaponization” of the justice system if he is elected. He is far behind Trump, the clear frontrunner, however.

“You know, we’ve got a better way forward. We’re not going to have to worry about those issues. And then when I become president, I’m going to be able to address all the lawfare and all the weaponization, and we’ll be able to end this stuff once and for all,” he continued.

On Friday, a Wisconsin brewery owner filed a lawsuit to try and keep former President Trump off of the state’s Republican primary ballots.

Kirk Bangstad, owner of Minocqua Brewing Company, is attempting to use the same playbook as the similar lawsuits in other states.

The Colorado Supreme Court ruled in favor of a similar lawsuit, and the United States Supreme Court has agreed to hear an appeal in the case.

Maine Secretary of State Shenna Bellows has also opted to block Trump from the Republican primary ballot in her state. The former president filed an appeal over her decision on Tuesday.

The lawsuits all cite Section 3 of the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, adopted after the Civil War. They claim Trump is “ineligible” to hold office for engaging in an “insurrection,” even though he has not been charged with or faced trial for that crime.

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