Epstein list may not be bombshell many are claiming – but story is still shocking – www.cairnsnews.org

Epstein list may not be bombshell many are claiming – but story is still shocking – www.cairnsnews.org
Jacob Rothschild and Marina Abramovic flout their satanism in front of a painting titled Satan Summoning His Legions.

ONE of the best communicators in the political arena, Candace Owens, put it clearly and succinctly: “A lot of people sent me information claiming that Jeffrey Epstein was part of our intelligence agencies, that he was actually operating a blackmail ring and that this was the reason why no-one would prosecute him, because he was a protected CIA asset,” Owens says in a Tik Tok video.

“Jeffrey Epstein would get very powerful people to attend his parties and bring them out on the Lolita Express to his Caribbean island. He would get them to sleep with women, maybe unbeknownst to them that these women were very young, and then he would have blackmail – he would record the acts and then he had control of people all around the world.”

According to media reports, some 150 to 170 names of people who visited Epstein’s now notorious island in the Carribean are about to be released by New York prosecutors, based on the Virginia Giuffre v Ghislane Maxwell civil case. But an Arizona lawyer whose YouTube channel is dedicated to analysing court cases, has cautioned that the release from the case Giuffre v Epstein might not be all its cracked up to be, because many of the names have already been published in the media.

In the video Owens refers to the 2007 non-prosecution plea deal against Epstein agreed to by the Florida Attorney General Alex Acosta, that basically let Epstein off scot-free on under-age sex charges. Acosta was later appointed Labor Secretary by the Trump administration but then resigned in 2019, a few days after New York prosecutors brought further charges against Epstein.

Owens noted that when Acosta was asked if the new Epstein case was going to cause a problem, he explained he had just one meeting on the Epstein case and he cut the non-prosecution deal with one of Epstein’s attorney because he had been told to back off and that Epstein was “above his pay grade”. Acosta said he was told “Epstein belonged to intelligence and to leave it alone”.

As we all know, Epstein did not even make it into court for his bail hearing. As clearly explained months ago by another good communicator, Tucker Carlson, Epstein was almost certainly murdered in the most suspicious circumstances one could imagine.

Carlson’s friend had talked with Epstein, who was looking forward to his bail hearing in two days, when he expected to be released. But the prison authorities moved a prisoner from his cell, brought in two new guards and moved all the other prisoners out of the special housing unit. To cap it off, the cameras for Epstein’s cell “didn’t work”.

The fact that the former Attorney General of the Trump administration, Bill Barr, covered up the murder Epstein by calling it a suicide, merely exposes the vast circle of corrupt influence exercised over the western establishment by US, UK (Five Eyes) and Israeli intelligence agencies.

If Owens’ statement needed any correction, it was that the Epstein history is initially more closely related to the Mossad than the CIA, through the Israeli connections of Ghislaine Maxwell and her late newspaper tycoon father Robert Maxwell.

Bill Barr’s father Donald Barr was an American educator, writer, and worked for the CIA foreruuner, the Office of Strategic Services officer. He was an administrator at Columbia University before serving as headmaster at the Dalton School in New York City, where Epstein was not only mentored by him but later worked as a physics professor. So the CIA connection can certainly not be understated.

Investigative journalist Whitney Webb, who has written extensively on Epstein and his networks, said Robert Maxwell connected with Epstein in the mid-1980s, as stated by former associates and Israeli intelligence agents, with whom Maxwell worked.

Webb says Maxwell entered the workforce in the 70s and by the 1990s was visiting the Clinton White House. In his early 20s, while “backpacking around Europe” he met members of the British Royal Family before going back to New York to be hired by the Dalton School where he reportedly indulged in relationships with young students. From there he was headhunted by Bear Stearns CEO Alan Greenberg and became a financial high-flier under his tutelage.

Epstein became involved in one of the biggest ponzi schemes in history, the Towers scandal, but somehow escaped prosecution, unlike the others he worked with. “Based on my research he’s as much a financial criminal as a sex criminal,” Webb told Patrick Ben David.

Webb says Epstein essentially made his money from three powerful men – Lex Wexner, Bill Gates and Donald Trump, who later cut off the relationship. Trump, to his credit, never flew to Epstein Island although he did do a few trips between Florida and New York with family members on Epstein’s jet.

The connections in this web of intrigue are now no secret and obviously point to the existence of a massive network of blackmailing and influence peddling by the intelligence agencies of the powers that be, and much of this focused on using those from Hollywood and media.

About all that these dark powers have left to cover up this network of evil are predictable and destructive smokescreening tactics, such as a declaration of war or provocations which have already been happening. There are also the tactics of mainstream media message management, which so far has shown Epstein merely as a kinky sex offender running an island getaway for celebrities.

It is much deeper and more sinister than that. One might conclude that there is a vast network of satanists and severely compromised people embedded in intelligence and other government agencies, and in industries such as Hollywood, that is heavily represented on the lists of Epstein Island visitors we have seen so far.

The photograph of satanic “artist” Marina Abramovich and Jacob Rothschild posing in front of the 1797 painting by Sir Thomas Lawrence titled “Satan Summoning His Legions” should tell us something. The photo was taken when Abramovic presented the Rothschild Foundation lecture in 2020. Abramovic also caused a furore when she appeared in a Microsoft advertisement. The ad was dropped after two weeks.

Several years earlier Wikileaks emails showed Hilary Clinton’s former campaign chairman, John Podesta and his brother Tony Podesta, a collector of pedophilic art, discussing an invitation to attend a “spirit cooking” fundraiser dinner at Abramovic’s residence.

At other such events, the warped artist creates realistic bodies, apparently from cake ingredients. Guests are then invited to remove breasts and genitals and other body parts to eat. It’s got nothing to do with satanism apparently, just an innocent appeal to cannibalism.

The documentary Out of Shadows by former Hollywood stuntman Mike Smith reveals much of the Hollywood satanism and links to the US military and CIA and the use of movies in psychological conditioning of the population. As stated in the documentary by former CIA operative Kevin Schipp “the CIA is funnelling information into Hollywood, Hollywood puts it out in movies and the population believes it”.

Smith shows an old typed government document headed “The Motion Picture as a Weapon of Psychological Warfare” and goes on to explain how CIA head Allen Dulles recruited Ian Fleming to write the James Bond books and movies, which paint the CIA and British Intelligence in a favourable light.

Schipp goes on to explain the revelations of Project Mockingbird in which CIA operatives pushed stories to leading journalists in media. Despite the embarrassment, in 1996 the CIA established the Entertainment Industry Liaison office which dealt directly with Hollywood script writing.

Schipp also goes into detail on Operation Paperclip, the post-WW2 hiring of Nazi scientists by the US intelligence agencies and the MK Ultra mind-control program employing psychotropic drugs, physical and sexual abuse and electric shock therapy. The Anne Hamilton-Byrne cult in Victoria was most likely part of this along with the Chelmsford Hospital deep-sleep therapy scandal in Sydney in which 24 people died.

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