EXCLUSIVE: Kari Lake Discusses Stolen Election Lawsuit, US Senate Race, and Indictment of Conservative Election Officials (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit

EXCLUSIVE: Kari Lake Discusses Stolen Election Lawsuit, US Senate Race, and Indictment of Conservative Election Officials (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit

Kari Lake spoke to The Gateway Pundit on Wednesday to discuss her race for US Senate, election integrity, the Arizona Swamp, and the corrupt judiciary as she faces a defamation lawsuit by a Maricopa County election official and fights her lawsuit to overturn the rigged 2022 election.

Lake is now running for US Senate with President Trump’s endorsement, and she holds a solid lead in early general election polling.

Likewise, Lake held an 11-point lead in the polls less than two weeks before the stolen 2022 election. Then miraculously, on election day, machines at 60% of Maricopa County voting centers failed to read the ballots of Republican in-person voters, leading to an extremely slim “victory” for radical leftist Katie Hobbs. Hundreds of thousands of illegal mail-in ballots with no chain of custody or signature verification are also believed to have tainted the results of the election.

It should also be noted that Katie Hobbs was secretary of state, responsible for certifying that machines statewide would read ballots properly on election day, and refused to recuse herself from these duties despite the major conflict of interest and bipartisan calls.

Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer, who primarily oversaw early voting in 2022, was also embroiled in conflicts of interest before the election. He founded and operated the Pro-Democracy Republicans PAC, a dark money PAC aimed at eliminating candidates with a MAGA agenda. Additionally, Stephen Richer colluded with the federal Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency to silence election critics on social media, including The Gateway Pundit.

Although any honest person can see that the election was rigged by people who wanted nothing more than for Kari Lake to lose, Richer, an elected official, is now suing Kari Lake, a private citizen and candidate, because she called him out over his role in the extremely controversial election administration. Richer’s lawsuit is backed by Protect Democracy, the same far-left Soros-tied nonprofit behind Ruby Freeman and Shaye Moss’ $148 million defamation lawsuit against Rudy Giuliani after he claimed the two women contributed to voter fraud in Georgia’s 2020 election. Protect Democracy is also funding the two women in their lawsuit against The Gateway Pundit, Jim Hoft and Joe Hoft.

A Maricopa County Judge recently ruled that this assault on Lake’s First Amendment right to criticize the government for running sham elections will proceed to trial.

This is tyranny. Kari Lake discussed this “dangerous” attack on Free Speech yesterday with The Gateway Pundit, saying, “You won’t be able to criticize elected officials anymore or your government anymore if they’re successful in this case.”

Watch part one of the exclusive interview here:

WATCH: Kari Lake Warns of Dark Days if Soros-Funded Defamation Lawsuit by Election Official Involved in her Rigged Election Succeeds

Lake further discussed her stolen election, the criminal indictments against brave election officials in Cochise County for doing their jobs, and her campaign for US Senate.

Lake also also spoke about the invasion on our southern border, which her radical left opponents, Kyrsten Sinema and Ruben Gallego, have consistently voted against securing. When Trump was in office, Ruben Gallego decried the idea of border security and said that Donald Trump was the real “national emergency [] to our Constitution.”

Watch below:

CONRADSON: As we saw in 2022, you are leading in the polls for US Senate, you and President Trump both. But they’re coming after not just you but county officials like Peggy Judd and Tom Crosby for wanting to ensure election integrity. What does this all mean for 2024 and the election?

LAKE: They were just doing their jobs! When you’re certifying an election, the part of certifying it means that you’re making sure that the numbers are correct, and they are being [indicted] for doing that. They’re not going to stop with those county officials, they’re not going to stop with me, they’re not going to stop with you, and President Trump; they’re going to come after every single one of us if we don’t stand up and fight right now, and that’s why I’m going to fight. And I’m doing it with a smile on my face because this is a worthy battle that we are in. It’s frightening what they’re doing, they will not be victorious at the end of the day, they know that everything they’re saying is built on lies, and we have the truth on our side. I feel for the people who are in the crosshairs of all this: myself, President Trump, Rudy Giuliani, you, the attorneys that are being attacked, those county supervisors who did the right thing. I feel for the people of Arizona who’ve had their voice and vote trampled. And all I could say is this is a time where we’re going to separate the boys from the men, the girls from the women because this is a time we got to get really tough going into this year and not back down from any of this.

CONRADSON: And I understand that while you’re running for Senate, you are still fighting your lawsuit and going through appeals, trying to right the wrong of 2022 and clean up 2024 So they can’t seal it again. Where are we with that?

LAKE: That’s what it’s really all about. You know, some of the people who say, “Stop talking about past elections. Look forward,” how do you look forward if you have a broken system? We’ve got to fix the system. We’re going through the appellate court. Of course, it’s being dragged out. You know, the election challenges, the tyrannical judicial wants to drag out, but the bogus defamation cases, they want to speed up. It’s really funny how that works: speed up these cases and drag out the others. So, it’s still moving through. We’re waiting for the appellate court. We tried to get it pushed straight to the Arizona Supreme Court, but they decided not to do that. And we’re going through the appellate court and we’ll do that, and we will continue to fight that. Again, we have to take these battles, and we have to see them through, and that’s what I plan to do.

CONRADSON: Another issue that I want to talk about; obviously, it all starts with stolen elections. Joe Biden steals the 2020 election and opens the border wide open. I was down in Lukeville, Arizona, a couple of weeks ago, and I saw hundreds if not thousands of illegal immigrants coming across the border, Border Patrol agents telling me they’re losing morale, essentially hating their jobs as they facilitate Biden’s invasion. They’re being shuffled all across the country, New York, New Jersey. The New York Mayor says 50% of his hotels are filled with illegal immigrants. A New Jersey Mayor says that it’s causing a public health crisis and a public safety crisis. Reuben Gallego, current Congressman now running for US Senate against you, says there is no national emergency coming from the US southern border. What are your thoughts on this?

LAKE: He says things are not any less safe at the border than anywhere else. I mean, that’s the America the Democrats in DC have delivered us. It’s a country that’s not safe, a country where fentanyl flows freely and kills people and poisons people. It’s weapon of mass destruction, and it’s pouring across our border, where people from countries that harbor terrorists are pouring in, where a foreign army is pouring across every single day. It’s disgusting. We have no national security. We’re on the verge of an attack in America because of this; you know it will happen. I think anybody with half a brain can detect that when you have this many people coming in with no vetting, dangerous people coming in, that you’re going to have problems. It’s absolutely abhorrent the way they have voted. Ruben Gallego and Kyrsten Sinema voted against President Trump building the wall, they voted against, I think it was $15 billion to build that wall, yet they want to send 200 billion over to Ukraine to fight a war and protect Ukraine, but they don’t give a damn of people of Arizona and the people of this country. And I’ll tell you what any politician who is trying to tie funding Ukraine to securing our borders should be run out of office and voted out of office. We’ve got to secure the border and build the wall. And all Reuben Gallego and Kyrsten Sinema want his money to go to their pet project in Ukraine. And all they want is money to be poured into the border crisis to process more people. They don’t want to put money at building the wall. When you build the wall, you’re going to stop people from coming over. And we need to do that, and we need to do it quickly.

And I want to say one more thing, Jordan, about this loss of our First Amendment. You know, we’ve seen the courts and people like Steven Richer, who are for stopping us from speaking out. You know, he took part in these misinformation groups, where they censored American citizens from speaking out about election fraud, election integrity, COVID. They didn’t want people talking about on Twitter or social media, being forced to take a vaccine they didn’t want. They didn’t want people talking about that, and they were actively working to take down our social media platforms and profiles for even having the audacity to want to speak out. And so this is the kind of people we’re dealing with. They don’t believe in the First Amendment, and our courts are the same way. The Chief Justice on the Arizona Supreme Court was behind setting up one of these; I call it truth squads, the Misinformation Task Force set up before the 2020 election to find a way to make sure that Arizona citizens were not speaking out about election irregularities, election problems, COVID. Can you even believe that he would be behind that? And another person on our Supreme Court is sisters with one of the propagandists in the Arizona media, who writes between five and ten Nasty opinion pieces about me every single week, and she talks to her sister. I think you uncovered this story. She writes these nasty stories every single day, filled with lies, and talks to her sister, who sits on the Arizona Supreme Court, about me every single day. And yet, these are the people who are going to be hearing our cases. We do not have fairness. There is no trust in our judicial. There’s no trust in our government right now. And we’ve got to reform it. We have to fix this problem, or we won’t have a country much longer.

I think we just want to let everybody know, I want to leave you with some hope actually, because I have confidence that we will win and we will turn it around. It’s not going to be easy. This next year is not going to be a walk in the park. It’s going to be a battle. It’s going to be work. It’s going to take us to have the ability to get up every morning and say I gotta do everything I can, use every skill that God gave me to fight for this country, and we will turn it around. As bad as it is, I have faith that President Trump’s agenda will turn things around. I’m gonna get in there and fight. Every day, every decision I make, how can I strengthen and improve the quality of life for Arizonans and Americans in this country? And we’re going to put America first on day one.

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