EXCLUSIVE: Whistleblower Who Exposed A Blatant Oversight in the VA’s Policy for Veterans With Vaccine-Related Injury Goes Public | The Gateway Pundit

EXCLUSIVE: Whistleblower Who Exposed A Blatant Oversight in the VA’s Policy for Veterans With Vaccine-Related Injury Goes Public | The Gateway Pundit
Image: Wikimedia Commons (Moderna Covid-19 vaccine)

Through the lens of tens of thousands of service members and veterans affected by Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin’s 2021 COVID-19 military shot mandate, an important question arises: Did the Department of Defense, specifically the Secretary of Defense, mandate a “toxic exposure risk activity” (TERA)?

It’s a question being asked increasingly more often by people like whistleblower Trey Fleming and Dr. Crisanna Shackelford. Previously speaking under a pseudonym, the whistleblower’s name is Sonny Fleeman III, a combat veteran and Rating Veteran Services Representative for the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

Fleeman revealed himself on a video podcast with Feds for Freedom.

Like Fleeman, Dr. Crisanna “Shack” Shackelford is a veteran. She is also founder and CEO of realreactions.org. They are working to expose that the COVID-19 shots contain toxins that can be claimed as a toxic exposure risk under the 2022 Promise to Address Comprehensive Toxics (PACT) Act.

Fleeman told The Gateway Pundit that exposure to burn pits, toxins in improvised explosive devices (IED), chlorine bombs in Iraq and Afghanistan, burning oil wells, and Agent Orange used during the Vietnam war topped the list of widely recognized cases of toxic substances within the PACT Act.

But what does the PACT Act say about those who have clearly been injured by the so-called COVID-19 vaccine, he and Dr. Shackleford questioned, also pointing out what has recorded by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) concerning the Moderna injection. “Currently, mRNA is considered a gene therapy product by the FDA,” the report states. And according to Dr. Robert Malone, the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein used within COVID-19 “vaccines” is a toxin.


Interestingly, within the toxic Exposure Risk Activity (TERA) provisions for veterans to obtain a screening for their toxic exposures, the policy states, “Vaccines and medications in general are not considered participation in a TERA [under the PACT Act] because there is no scientific or medical evidence that supports the conclusion that vaccines and medications administered to Service Members have resulted in long-term adverse health effects.”

Dr. Shackelford said, “this is shocking given how much is known about the toxicity of the ‘gene therapy’ injection and known adverse health effects.” For her, “the fact that the VA would disenfranchise our service members who were mandated to take this injection raises critical questions.”

The policy being enforced by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is easily debunked, according to Dr. Shackelford. Her straightforward, but oft-ignored, explanation should “raise the alarm bell” for those who continue to deny countless stories of the gene therapy’s toxic adverse side effects. According to her, it’s undeniable: “The spike protein that the body is forced to make from the injection—in and of itself—is toxic.”

Consider the plight of Army Corporal Karolina Stancik who has suffered more than one heart attack, a mini-stroke, and several neurological maladies after being forced roll up her sleeve and get the shot. Yet, in a case like hers, the VA would maintain that “…vaccines and medications, in general, are not considered participation in toxic exposure risk activity because there are no long-term adverse health effects supported by science.”

“This very issue of toxic exposure and the known mechanisms of injury such as Karolina’s must be acknowledged, and those responsible must ensure that disability compensation for this toxic exposure occurs,” she said.

In December 2023, Fleeman explained that “veterans with vaccine injuries are excluded from receiving a VA examination and medical nexus opinion under the PACT Act—and more specifically under the TERA provisions.” And according to Dr. Shackelford, the exclusion is “fraudulent” and the “willful ignorance” needs to be exposed.

From the start, it was illegal for the Pentagon’s policy to say that the Comirnaty and EUA Pfizer-BioNTech vaccines were interchangeable. “This cannot be refuted, “Dr. Shackelford said, adding that “it was undeniably an illegal mandate for this reason and more.” With that, the question remains: did the Department of Defense, specifically the Secretary of Defense, mandate a TERA?

According to Dr. Shackelford, “If the VA was forced to concede that the so-called vaccine, or gene therapy per the Moderna SEC filing, is toxic, all bets would be off for the Department of Defense.” This must be addressed by Congress at some point, she argued, adding that “the mandate for COVID-19 injections represented a forced toxic exposure with catastrophic implications for our national security and defense readiness.”

Because of concern about reprisals, Fleeman emphasized that his views don’t reflect those of the VA.

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