Ezra Levant: Trudeau’s using lawfare to censor his critics

Ezra Levant: Trudeau’s using lawfare to censor his critics

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau initially campaigned in 2015 on a promise of an open and transparent government. Now, eight years into his tenure as leader, his Liberals are pushing for more and more censorship of Canadians.

On last night’s episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra joined the show as a guest for a conversation about the Liberals’ censorship agenda with fill-in host Sheila Gunn Reid.

When it comes to how the government will use its newfound power to silence critics like Rebel News, Ezra said:

[There’s] four things they’ve done to attack Rebel News using the law. Because they don’t seem to be able to persuade people not to follow Rebel News or persuade people that we’re wrong, so they’re using the law. And you [Sheila] make a good point, and that is if this were happening 20 or 30 years ago, there would be a complete unanimity between publishers and broadcasters that this is a terrible idea.

And I remember studying how the press would fight for free speech when I was law school, and typically they would set up something they would call a consortium.

They would ask every newspaper or every broadcaster to chip in $1,000 and they would hire one top-gun civil liberties lawyer, who would go to court and say ‘your honour, I’m here basically representing the entire industry. I’m representing 10 newspapers, five radio stations and here is what we’re really worried about for free speech.

And the courts would really listen to those lawyers, actually, because they knew that these were the people for free speech. When was the last time the Toronto Star, Globe and Mail, National Post, Toronto Sun, CBC, CTV, Global News, etc. went to court for free speech?

I can’t remember it. Forget going to court, that takes money and initiative. When was the last time they even spoke out against (censorship)?

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