Five House Republicans Vow to Shut Down the Government Until Biden Shuts Down Illegal Immigration at Southern Border (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit

Five House Republicans Vow to Shut Down the Government Until Biden Shuts Down Illegal Immigration at Southern Border (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit

As 60+ House Republicans traveled to the southern border in Texas for a photo-op and press conference, five strong conservative congressmen proposed an actual solution to stop the flow of illegal immigrants, human trafficking victims, foreign adversaries, and potential terrorists into the United States.

More than 11 million illegals, who are mainly military-age males and include many known or suspected terrorists, have invaded the US on Joe Biden’s open border invitation. More than 300,000 illegal aliens crossed over the US border in December alone, according to Customs and Border Protection.

The Gateway Pundit reported that there were 17 illegals encountered in November alone who were on the FBI’s terror watchlist, according to data from Customs and Border Protection. How many more have slipped through the cracks with the other 11 million illegal aliens?

Reps. Andy Biggs (R-AZ), Eli Crane (R-AZ), Matt Gaetz (R-FL), Matt Rosendale (R-MT), and Bob Good (R-VA) are on board with a government shutdown to stop the invasion of our southern border. Hopefully, the RINOs in the House will get on board.

As The Gateway Pundit reported, Republican Lawmakers held a press conference on Thursday and refused to answer RAV reporter Ben Bergquam when he asked who supports leveraging a government down to force Biden to enforce the law on our southern border.

But Rep. Pat Fallon (R-TX) lost it and interrupted Bergquam, saying, “We’re not going to do a show of hands. We’re not in a classroom. We’re not doing a show of hands!”

WATCH: “We’re Not in a Classroom! We’re Not Doing a Show of Hands!” – RINO Lawmaker Shouts at RAV Reporter Ben Bergquam After Asking Who Will Demand that Biden Closes the Border

Bergquam, in a follow-up interview with Steve Bannon, labeled the inappropriate response from Congressman Fallon as “McCarthy-era arrogance.”

Previously, the Gateway Pundit reported that Andy Biggs of Arizona, Ken Buck of Colorado, Tim Burchett of Tennessee, Eli Crane of Arizona, Matt Gaetz of Florida, Bob Good of Virginia, Nancy Mace of South Carolina, and Matt Rosendale of Montana got fed up with McCarthy selling out to Democrats and decided America needed a new Speaker.

Five of these eight brave GOP congressmen spoke to Bergquam before the press conference to lay out the necessity of leveraging a government shutdown to force the Biden Regime to enforce the law.

Watch below:

BERGQUAM: The question is, do the Republicans have the courage to shut down the government until the border is shut down?

BIGGS: They should have that courage. That is the check the founders gave us, and we’re pledging to the American people that we’re willing to shut down the government until this border is secure. And that doesn’t just mean that you pass new policy. It means that you entice, encourage, coerce, whatever you want to say, the executive branch to actually enforce the laws that are in place now or that may get passed.

GAETZ: Yeah, we heard messages from stakeholders today here in Texas. They want to see us shut down the border or shut down the government. These were the Property Rights Act activists and also the sheriffs and local law enforcement from here in Texas, a group curated by Speaker Johnson to deliver that message to our Republican colleagues, and we hope they heard that message because the power of the purse is the only leverage we have and if we aren’t willing to use it to shut down the border. What use is it?

BERGQUAM: Congressman Crane, the argument I keep hearing is you only have a two vote majority, you know, you’ve got 20 RINOs. What do you anticipate happening in this this vote?

CRANE: Unfortunately, Ben, I anticipate what usually happens in Washington, and that’s the Uniparty doing what the Uniparty does. I don’t, unfortunately, think that our conference has the courage necessary to use the power of the purse to do what needs to be done for this community and for the rest of the country. And you know, that being said, I’m going to keep coming down to the border. Every time I come down here, I learn something different. And the other thing too, Ben, is I’ve worn a uniform before with horrible leadership when I felt like—me and the guys I was working with felt like we were hamstrung and couldn’t do our jobs. And so one of the things that we all like to do when we come down here is tell the Border Patrol agents, the Texas Rangers, the firemen, the cops, everybody, “Thank you, we know that you’re doing what you can, you’re being hamstrung.” Can you imagine doing a job where you aren’t allowed to do your job and then the American people start to turn on you because they think it’s you? It’s not these guys. They want to do their job, but because of our leadership being so poor, they’re not allowed to.

ROSENDALE: One of the things that I’m going to take back from this visit is that these folks aren’t talking about an immigration problem. They’re talking about a slave trade problem. We have millions of people that have come into this country that have a financial obligation to the cartels, and it is a slave trade problem. They’re generating cartels about $32 million a week, just from the Del Rio sector alone. This is a big profit center, and all these folks that are coming into the country have that financial obligation that they are going to have to pay back to the cartel. The other thing is that by us coming down here, we’re hoping to raise the awareness so that the American people will put additional pressure on their representatives. We’re going to take care of the border. We’re going to do what is necessary. We will shut the government down in order to secure this border, but we need the other people across the nation to put pressure on their representatives to help us do what’s right.

GOOD: We can’t continue business as usual. We can’t continue to fund a government that’s bankrupting the country to the tune of $200 billion a month, and most of which, the policies that are hurting the country, that are not working for the people, that are working for the people in Washington. And we can’t continue to fund this border invasion. And the house is the stronger body. The Senate needs 60 votes; they’ve only got 51 Democrats. We do have a small majority, but we have a majority. So if the House majority will stand with our speaker and be willing to say no, we’re not going to fund this government, we’ve got a little window of opportunity between now and February too, where we just say we’re not going to move forward and fund this until the Senate and the White House join us in implementing HR 2, passing it in the Senate, signing into law by the President and then implementing it. We came down a day early. We came down yesterday. And then we did join up with the speaker for the luncheon that he had, and quite frankly, some of the speakers that he had for that luncheon, and one is a Property Association manager, and one is a local sheriff, and both of them pleaded and begged with us to not fund this government until the border is secure, to shut down the government if we’re unwilling to shut down the border, this administration. So that’s really what our colleagues needed to hear in the Republican Conference.

BERGQUAM: Are you seeing any movement by any Democrats that will join Republicans in this effort?

ROSENDALE: Once it starts impacting their community, then those local Democrats start complaining about it. But as representative Biggs said, they complain, and they ask for more money to come in, not to actually cure the problem which is securing our border.

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