Global Affairs warns Canadians visiting Israel of politically-motivated arrests

Global Affairs warns Canadians visiting Israel of politically-motivated arrests

After the Liberals had David Menzies arrested by Trudeau’s RCMP security detail for posing questions to Deputy PM Chrystia Freeland, the ministry warned that Canadian travellers critical of the Israeli government online could be subject to arrest.

As first reported Thursday by Blacklock’s, the advisory was part of a report, Ongoing Hostilities In South And Central Israel, The Gaza Strip And The West Bank.

“Clashes between Palestinians and extremist Israeli settlers in the West Bank are growing.”

“There are reports of civilians being physically attacked, forced under threat to leave their houses, evacuate specific areas and being subject to increased scrutiny and arrests by security forces.”

“If you are in a Palestinian-plated vehicle, you are at risk of increased scrutiny, searches including your electronic devices, violence and arrest by Israeli security forces.”

“If Israeli authorities perceive your social media activity as being critical of Israel, you could face additional consequences, including further searches and detention. Hostilities persist and military operations are expected to continue.”

The department made no distinction between criticism of the Israeli government and online support for terrorism. The department did not give evidence or cite a single instance of these social media-related arrests occurring.

The bizarre and unsupported allegation against the Israeli government of forcibly silencing critics with the threat of arrest comes in the same week the security detail of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made international headlines, falsely arresting and roughing up a working journalist of 39 years, David Menzies, for asking critical questions to the Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland.

During the peaceful anti-mandate Freedom Convoy demonstrations wherein truckers and their allies converged on Ottawa for three weeks of anti-government protests, the Liberals used a counter-terrorism law, the Emergencies Act, to freeze bank accounts, arrest participants and imprison the leadership of the movement on normally insignificant mischief charges.

The hypocrisy of the Liberals is staggering but nothing new.

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