Hezbollah Threatens Israel with ‘Fighting Without Limits’ | The Gateway Pundit

Hezbollah Threatens Israel with ‘Fighting Without Limits’ | The Gateway Pundit

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Warns of ‘tens of thousands of fatalities within the enemy entity in retaliation’

As the war the Gaza-based Hamas terrorists launched against Israel rages on, with the Israel Defense Forces promising to wipe out that group so its threat does not recur, the Lebanon-based Hezbollah organization is threatening Israel with “fighting without limits.”

The words were documented by the Middle East Media Research Institute.

The threat came in an article by Ibrahim Al-Amin, board chairman of the pro-Hezbollah Lebanese daily Al-Akhbar.

He threatened if Israel initiates a war against Lebanon, Hezbollah will use unconventional weapons.

The comments followed by one day a speech by Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah, and warned, “if the enemy is thinking of starting a war against Lebanon, our fighting will be without any limits, rules or constraints.”

Al-Amin charged, “[Nasrallah] did not hide the existence of a serious possibility that the situation on the Lebanese front will deteriorate into a extensive war…

“What has happened in practice is that the rules of the conflict that prevailed before October 7 have collapsed. The enemy is trying to impose new rules, and it is doing so [by means of action] on the ground, not through diplomacy, and based on its perception – which is apparently shared by its American and European allies and even by some Arabs and Lebanese – that the resistance is deterred, otherwise it would have entered the war with all its force from the very first day…”

He continued, “When [Nasrallah] threatened the enemy that, if it started a war against Lebanon the resistance would launch a war on the broadest possible scale, he was in fact telling the enemy, honestly and clearly, that the Lebanese resistance rejects the new rules of the conflict… If the enemy foolishly retaliates against the response of the resistance, it will find itself involved in this extensive war. In this case, [the war] will not have limits of any kind, even if the [Israeli] war on Gaza ends or will be close to ending. For the resistance in Lebanon, whose role is [also] connected to what is happening in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and all the way to Iran, will have the last word.”

He endorsed Nasrallah’s warning that, “[There is need] to prepare for a war without constraints and without limits.”

He said, “The equation will not be ‘a building for a building,’ but rather tens of thousands of fatalities within the enemy entity in retaliation for thousands of fatalities in Lebanon. … You have been warned!”

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