Ilhan Omar’s “Angry Black Girl” Daughter Isra Hirsi Suspended by Barnard College Over Pro-Hamas Occupation of Columbia University | The Gateway Pundit

Ilhan Omar’s “Angry Black Girl” Daughter Isra Hirsi Suspended by Barnard College Over Pro-Hamas Occupation of Columbia University | The Gateway Pundit

Isra Hirsi, the 21-year-old self-styled communist daughter of Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) announced on X Twitter Thursday that she has been suspended by Columbia University in New York City for organizing a pro-Hamas occupation on campus grounds. Hirsi attends Barnard College, which is connected to Columbia.

Hirsi describes herself as an “angry black girl” with a communist hammer and sickle symbol on her X Twitter profile.

Hirsi posted, “i’m an organizer with CU Apartheid Divest @ColumbiaSJP, in my 3 years at @BarnardCollege i have never been reprimanded or received any disciplinary warnings. i just received notice that i am 1 of 3 students suspended for standing in solidarity with Palestinians facing a genocide…those of us in Gaza Solidarity Encampment will not be intimidated. we will stand resolute until our demands are met. our demands include divestment from companies complicit in genocide, transparency of @Columbia’s investments and FULL amnesty for all students facing repression”

Columbia University Apartheid Divest announced the suspension of Hirsi and two other Barnard students in a defiant statement issued Thursday morning:

Mother and daughter, image via Instagram:

Omar posted her support of the protest on Wednesday, complete with revolutionary raised fist emoji, “Columbia has always had an incredible history of students fighting for a more just world and it’s good to see that tradition continue. As NYPD surrounds young activists, I hope their concerns are heard by school administrators and they not be criminalized. In solidarity ✊”

The image Omar posted connected the occupation protest to a similar attempted campus takeover by radical leftist students in 1968. Hirsi stated in an interview Wednesday that was the case that was posted by the People’s Dispatch, “Isra Hirsi (@israhirsi), Barnard College junior and organizer with @ColumbiaBDS, is participating in an indefinite occupation of Columbia’s campus in solidarity with Gaza. Organizers have remained defiant under repression and pledge to stay until Columbia divests from Israel.” (Hirsi was wearing a COVID mask even though she was outside.)

While her daughter was occupying the Columbia campus, Omar was grilling Columbia’s President Dr. Minouche Shafik at a House hearing on anti-Semitism at Columbia.

Columbia student Eden Yadegar spoke earlier on Capitol Hill about pervasive anti-Semitism on campus:

Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN) confronted Shafik on a anti-Semitic campus handout, “Columbia’s school of social work orientation glossary defines “Ashkenormativity” as a “system of oppression that favors white Jewish folx.” The radical Left has turned our universities into hotbeds for antisemitism.”

Hirsi’s youthful leftist activism has garnered her awards and a Wikipedia page (excerpt):

Isra Hirsi (born February 22, 2003) is an American environmental activist. She co-founded and served as the co-executive director of the U.S. Youth Climate Strike.[1] In 2020, she was named in the Fortune’s 40 Under 40 Government and Politics list.[2] She is the daughter of U.S. Representative Ilhan Omar.

Early life and education

Hirsi protesting against gun violence in 2018
Hirsi was born on 22 February 2003 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and is the daughter of Somali American U.S. Congresswoman Ilhan Omar[3][4][5] and Ahmed Abdisalan Hirsi. At the age of 12, she was one of the participants protesting for justice for Jamar Clark at the Mall of America.[5] Hirsi attended Minneapolis South High School,[6] from which she graduated in 2021. She became involved in climate activism after joining her high school’s environmental club in her freshman year.[5][7]

Hirsi attends Barnard College of Columbia University as of fall 2021.[8]

Hirsi coordinated the organization of hundreds of student-led strikes across the United States on March 15 and May 3, 2019.[4] She co-founded the U.S. Youth Climate Strike,[5] the American arm of a global youth climate change movement, in January 2019.[9][10][11] She acts as the co-executive director of this group.[5][12] In 2019, she won a Brower Youth Award.[13] That same year, Hirsi received the Voice of the Future Award.[7] In 2020, Hirsi was placed on BET’s “Future 40” list.[14]

Hirsi endorsed Senator Bernie Sanders for President of the United States in the 2020 Democratic Party presidential primaries.[15]

New York City police were breaking up the occupation of Columbia Thursday afternoon:

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