In the Race to the White House, Illegals Will Be Casting Votes in the Crucial Swing State of Arizona | The Gateway Pundit

In the Race to the White House, Illegals Will Be Casting Votes in the Crucial Swing State of Arizona | The Gateway Pundit
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As it stands, liberal Arizona voting laws have paved the way for non-citizens, whether they are legal or not, to register for and cast a ballot in the 2024 presidential election.

The Gateway Pundit spoke to retired U.S. Air Force master sergeant Nick Kupper, who is one of several state legislature candidates vying for a seat in the Arizona House of Representatives’ District 25. While the voting laws do not affect his run for office, he is gravely concerned about the upcoming presidential race.

“In Arizona,” Kupper said, “even if the state can’t verify whether you’re a citizen, people can still assert that they are citizens.” While these individuals are not allowed to vote in Arizona elections, they can still vote in the federal election. “They can still vote for the president,” he explained.

In an April 16 post on X, Kupper pointed out that “In 2020 Biden got 73% of the federal only votes & Trump lost AZ by 10K votes. There are now over 32K federal only voters in AZ which would give Biden 15K more votes than Trump in 2024.”


“I think it’s pretty telling that the current president is allowing, enabling, and encouraging people to come across the border, as I’m sure he and his administration know that these kinds of rules are on the books in Arizona,” he said. “This has to change, because Arizona is a huge player in the federal election.”

In addition, Kupper said, “When censuses are being done, they’re not only counting the citizens of Arizona but also counting noncitizens and illegals.” He explained that anyone who lives in a home is included in the census. “This not only shapes voting districts in Arizona, but it can also count towards how many electoral votes can get apportioned to the state,” he pointed out. “And Democrat strongholds are the ones that tend to benefit the most from this.”

With that, Kupper said he considers any talk about illegal border crossings to be “multifaceted.” On the one hand, he recognizes a growing humanitarian concern for migrants who are risking their lives to “reach the land of opportunity.” Many are being exposed to dangerous cartels, smugglers, and traffickers in their quest to reach America.

And on the other hand, Kupper also recognizes there are thousands of bad actors and many deceived immigrants trying to do the same. These include drug smugglers, sex traffickers, terrorists, and more.

Whether they are legitimately seeking a new home or they are here for nefarious reasons, Kupper said, “Arizona has had enough illegal immigrants come across the border to equal eight percent of the state’s population.”

For Kupper, “this is an invasion.” He also pointed out that the Biden administration has done nothing to curb the massive flow of illegal immigration into the country. What’s more, many may be receiving flyers from a non-governmental organization (NGO) in Mexico, instructing them to vote for Joe Biden in the upcoming U.S. election. Meanwhile, other NGOs are providing the path to get here.


“Encouraging them to come across the border to vote for Joe Biden isn’t all sunshine and roses,” he said. “It’s illegal in most circumstances, and many can’t find legitimate employment once they’re here, because they’re illegal,” he explained. “They’re being sold a bad bill of goods.”

And according to him, “Conservatives are getting the short end of the stick, [because] “Democrat policies are overtly hurting Republicans more than they are Democrats.” He explained, “statistically, people paying the most into the tax system for all the programs that enable illegal immigrants are Republicans.”

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