Israel launches retaliatory strikes in Iran following missile attack

Israel launches retaliatory strikes in Iran following missile attack

Israel conducted limited retaliatory strikes in Iran early Friday following Tehran’s missile and drone onslaught on Israel late Saturday.

Explosions were reported in Isfahan province, where Natanz, one of Iran’s key nuclear facilities, is situated. While the extent of the damage remains unclear, state television asserts the safety of all sites in the vicinity.

Military sources said that the Israeli strike was of a “limited” nature, with no involvement from the United States and prior notification to Washington.

Despite this, Pentagon officials refrained from confirming the strike, and both the White House and the National Security Council remained tight-lipped on the matter.

Commercial flights altered their routes over western Iran early Friday, coinciding with reports of explosions in Isfahan. Emirates and FlyDubai rerouted flights without explanation, while Iranian authorities grounded commercial flights across Tehran and parts of western and central regions.

The incident at Imam Khomeini International Airport in Tehran was acknowledged via loudspeakers, with online videos purportedly capturing the unfolding events. Iranian state television issued alerts regarding a “loud noise” near Isfahan, though details were scarce.

The weekend’s escalation of violence follows Iran’s retaliatory strike against Israel for the deadly consulate attack earlier in the month, marking a significant departure from its historical reliance on proxy forces in neighboring nations.

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