LIVE: Vivek Ramaswamy Iowa Townhall with Truckers feat. Ezra Levant

LIVE: Vivek Ramaswamy Iowa Townhall with Truckers feat. Ezra Levant

Rebel News is in the state of Iowa covering Republican presidential candidate, Vivek Ramaswamy’s latest event.

Ezra Levant, and Lincoln Jay are on the ground covering his live trucker policy rollout & townhall at the world’s largest truck stop, Iowa 80.

He’ll be joined by CDL Drivers Unlimited, and will discuss his upcoming policy plan to address trucking issues.


Ramaswamy in the lead up for the special townhall has called out Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau’s handling of the 2022 Freedom Convoy where he invoked martial law to squash the peaceful protest against draconian vaccine mandates.

“Thanks to the truckers!” He shouts out.

In the video posted to X, formerly known as twitter he calls truckers the “backbone” of the United States, adding “Remember that Canadian convoy of truckers who bravely stood up against those vaccine mandates? Well the Canadian government revealed how authoritarian they really are, silencing those truckers with censorship, even seizing or freezing their personal bank accounts. That was wrong.”

“And I respect those who, through their civil disobedience, revealed civil overreach on the part of government. Thank you to those truckers in Canada for doing their part.”

Iowa 80 sits on a 225-acre piece of land in the small town of Walcott, with nearly 100,000 square feet used for retail. The truck stop serves 5,000 customers per day and has parking accommodations for 900 trucks.


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