Man arrested in Toronto gold heist allegedly spotted at the gym

Man arrested in Toronto gold heist allegedly spotted at the gym

One of the nine suspects in the largest gold heist in Canadian history has been released on bail and was allegedly spotted outside a gym.

Instagram user realtorontonewz posted a photo on their feed which read, “1 Of the men arrested in the $22 million gold heist has already been released & seen at the gym earlier today!”

Parmpal Sidhu, identified by the police as an employee of Air Canada, has been arrested and charged with theft over $5000 and conspiracy to commit an indictable offense.

A video allegedly showing Parmpal Sidhu walking to his car at the gym is circulating online. Various social media accounts first circulated this video yesterday.

People are insinuating a double standard regarding how individuals are released on bail in Canada. Tamara Lich, the organizer of the freedom convoy, was jailed for roughly 50 days on mischief charges.

On April 17, 2023, a staggering 400 kg of pure gold, valued at over $20 million, was stolen from Toronto Pearson International Airport. Additionally, according to police reports, foreign currency worth about $2.5 million Canadian was also stolen in the heist.

Of the suspects, 5 have been arrested and released on bail, while Canada-Wide Warrants have been issued for 3 other individuals. A warrant has been issued for the driver, Durante King-Mclean, who was arrested in Pennsylvania during a traffic stop and was found to be carrying 65 illegal firearms

Peel Regional Police believe that the gold was used to finance firearm trafficking. Approximately $90,000 of the $20 million worth of stolen gold has been recovered. In addition, $430,000 dollars of Canadian currency was seized.

Chief of Police Nishan Duraiappah spoke with reporters and expressed frustration with federal bail policy. “The risk that is involved with the substantial offence, is far greater than what we see individuals being withheld in court, or for bail or release” he said.

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