Mike Johnson Caves to Schumer, Biden on $1.6 Trillion Spending Bill

Mike Johnson Caves to Schumer, Biden on .6 Trillion Spending Bill

Last Updated on January 14, 2024

GOP Speaker of the House Mike Johnson has caved to Chuck Schumer and Joe Biden and will back a massive spending bill pushed by Democrats to avert a government shutdown while setting the stage for an even bigger spending deal down the road. Among other things, the funding will allow the Biden DOJ to continue its persecution of President Trump and the American People while doing nothing to secure the wide-open southern border or deport the more than 30 million illegal aliens already taking up residence inside American borders.

If passed by the House, Mike Johnson’s Biden-Schumer spending deal will fund the Biden Regime with over $1.6 trillion through September 2024, the end of the current fiscal year. Biden has praised the deal for protecting his “priorities” and says that the spending bill will “reject deep cuts” to government programs that are obviously funded by the increasingly burdened American taxpayer.

Democrat Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer called the agreement with Johnson “a good deal for Democrats” and the party says that the spending bill will have “no significant impact” on their “current projects or activities,” implying that Johnson has written yet another blank check for the left-wing overhaul of the United States and rapid deterioration into a third world country.

Thanks to the razor-thin and establishment-friendly GOP majority made possible by Kevin McCarthy’s mid-term failures and a GOP resignation wave that included the disgraced ex-speaker, it is expected that the spending bill will pass, despite staunch opposition from conservative legislators and the GOP’s ever-abandoned base.

Johnson’s latest betrayal of his base has led to calls for him to face the same Motion to Vacate fate as his predecessor.


While Mike Johnson is refusing to stand and fight against Joe Biden, Chuck Schumer, and his other supposed political foes, the GOP Speaker of the House is continuing to stand and fight for Israel, whenever he gets the chance.

On Sunday morning, he posted on X calling for government employees who protest against American support for Israel to be fired.

Ironically, the online post came just after, back in the real world, Johnson struck his agreement with Democrats to fund the often useless, high-paying jobs of the same federal employees he was threatening to fire online.

“You care more about Israel than America and we can all see it,” one of the top replies to Johnson’s post read.

Mike Johnson on Government Employees, Israel

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