Mike Johnson releases 4 separate foreign aid bills. Mike Gallagher may stay few extra days to vote for Ukraine bill.

Mike Johnson releases 4 separate foreign aid bills. Mike Gallagher may stay few extra days to vote for Ukraine bill.

Speaker Mike Johnson has released text of his four-part proposal to send aid to Israel, Ukraine and Taiwan, moving ahead with the plan that’s fueling fresh conservative demands for his ouster.

Aid to Israel, Ukraine and Taiwan is split into three different bills, with a fourth that would seize Russian assets, force a TikTok sale and impose sanctions on Iran — language on the fourth should come later Wednesday. Some of the assistance would be conditioned as a loan, along with mandates for military strategy and oversight.

After meeting late into the night Tuesday with various House GOP lawmakers, Johnson has decided to also move to tee up debate on a separate border security measure, which includes what GOP leaders are calling “core components” of H.R. 2, the House-passed border security and immigration bill favored by conservatives. A vote to debate that package will not be linked to the foreign aid measures, however, and amendments will be allowed.

The aid bills released by Johnson on Wednesday mirror the Senate-passed $95 billion aid package, with the exception of about $10 billion in repayable economic assistance to Ukraine, although the expectation is that the funds likely wouldn’t be repaid. Johnson aims to provide more than $26 billion for Israel, including $4 billion to replenish the Iron Dome and David’s Sling missile defense systems and about $9.2 billion in humanitarian aid, fulfilling a demand from Democrats.

The Ukraine aid legislation would provide $60.8 billion to help the country in its ongoing war against Russia, more than $23 billion of which would be used to replenish weapons and stocks provided by the U.S., $13.8 billion for advanced weapons systems and $26 million to bolster Ukraine aid oversight. The third bill includes more than $8 billion in Indo-Pacific assistance.


Speaker Mike Johnson may get a much-needed boost for his foreign aid plans as departing Rep. Mike Gallagher has flexibility to remain in town into Saturday to support the package, according to his office.

“The congressman has the flexibility to stay and support the aid package on Saturday,” a spokesperson told POLITICO. The Wisconsin Republican previously announced his intent to resign his seat Friday, which would further slash Johnson’s majority to a one-seat margin.


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