On the Three Year Anniversary of the J6 Protests, Micki Witthoeft Reminds Us – January 6 Is Patriot’s Day – It’s Ashli Babbitt Day | The Gateway Pundit

On the Three Year Anniversary of the J6 Protests, Micki Witthoeft Reminds Us – January 6 Is Patriot’s Day – It’s Ashli Babbitt Day | The Gateway Pundit

It’s been three years since the January 6, 2021, protests in Washington DC to Stop the Steal of the 2020 election.

It’s been three years since four Trump supporters were killed at the US Capitol at the hands of the police.

It’s been three years since the shameless US mainstream media started spewing their lies about that day and the protests.

It’s been three years since government operatives set up Trump supporters, abused thousands of innocent Amricans, and destroyed the lives of thousands of American patriots.

We will never forget.

Micki Witthoeft, the mother of January 6 shooting victim Ashli Babbit, and Nicole Reffitt, the wife of J6 political prisoner Guy Reffitt, released this video for the third anniversary of January 6 this week.

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Nicole and Micki wanted The Gateway Pundit to share this with our audience today.

4Ashli leaders Micki Witthoeft and Nicole Reffitt

Three years ago on January 6 2021, hundreds of thousands if not millions of American patriots descended upon DC to protest what many believed was an election that lacked integrity that included a list of grievances too long to list here. There was pride and determination on the faces of patriots that day.

There was faith and determination on the face of our Forever Patriot Ashli Babbitt that day. At 2:44 PM, not only did Ashli die, but also a piece of our American Experiment died with her. Michael Leroy Byrd murdered Ashli, and in that negligent act, our government drew blood on Her citizens, and our Country will never be the same.

That shot was the beginning of the weaponization of our government against Her people. Since January 6, 2021, the government has systematically hunted down, intimidated, prosecuted and persecuted American Patriots.

To this very day:
** Four were murdered,
** Five committed suicide
** 1238 were charged
** An estimated 156? were incarcerated and the numbers are rising every day….

This all took place in an attempt to instill fear, and intimidation in American Patriots so that “We The People” never rise with pride and determination against their anti-American agenda again.

At 4ashli.com we work daily to remind this regime that the blood of Ashli is on Their hands. Ashli’s mother, Michelle Witthoeft, is determined to get justice for Ashli and Jan 6ers that continue to be persecuted for the events of that day.

The vigil they hold nightly, for over 500 nights, outside of the DC jail, brings a voice to those murdered and persecuted by this government. You can join the vigil nightly at 4ashli.com and sing the National Anthem with the Jan 6ers at 9 o’clock which they have done for almost three years now.

January 6th is Patriots Day… It is Ashli Babbitt Day, and it is the duty of We The People to ensure there is justice for Ashli because Justice for Ashli is Justice for all Patriots.

4Ashli.com is asking for a donation of $24 for the continued fight in 2024. Please do not be sad for Ashli be Brave, be Bold for her!

We must continue to demand answers, we must continue to advocate for Ashli, we must continue to fight to get Our Country back in 2024. Please consider a $24 dollar donation to help the continued efforts of the vigil and the advocacy 4ashlicom is doing in DC.

God Bless you.
Micki Witthoeft
Nicole Reffitt
The 4Ashli Patriots
The January 6 Political Prisoners

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