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Only Citizens Should Vote in America | The Gateway Pundit

This story originally was published by Real Clear Wire

By Newt Gingrich
Real Clear Wire

The next step in radically changing America is now underway. City officials in our national capital plan to allow non-citizens to vote next year.

President Joe Biden let millions of illegal immigrants cross the border. Then he bussed them to Washington DC. The city’s Democratic machine now wants to let them vote – knowing they will almost certainly vote Democrat for all the support and assistance.

This policy is a clear threat to American nationalism.

Three characteristics define a survivable national identity.

There must be a border which defines the nation. There must be a broad sense of history and common culture which enables people to see themselves as belonging to a common community. And there must be meaningful citizenship which gives people a stake in the larger national community (in our case, citizenship allows us to vote).

The American left has been working overtime to erase all three of these characteristics.

The left believes in open borders – and has done everything to make America open to millions of Biden’s illegal immigrants. This has not been the result of incompetence or lack of resources. This is deliberate policy. And, from the left’s standpoint, it is successful.

The left hates American history. It despises the great men and women who sacrificed and worked to make America the most successful, prosperous, and freest country in the world. For three generations, the left has been brainwashing children into an anti-American worldview. The anti-American prejudice now infects most of our newsrooms and many of our larger corporations.

Now that the left has been getting Biden’s illegal immigrants into the country, its members want to start letting illegal immigrants vote. In effect, the non-citizens would offset Americans with whom the left doesn’t agree. They are especially committed to getting new non-citizens to vote. Their dream of a huge American Latino-Democratic majority has been destroyed by the radicalism and real-world failures of Bidenism (Trump is now running ahead of Biden among American Latinos).

A key test case for getting Biden’s illegal immigrants to vote in 2024 will be the City of Washington DC. Our national capital’s left-wing politicians are totally failing to protect residents from runaway crime (there were 959 car-jackings in DC in 2023). The city bureaucracy is driving sports teams out of town. The roads are decaying, and American citizens must visit their own national capital with a sense of concern for their own safety. Now, the DC City Council has decided its next contribution to American decay is to disenfranchise its own residents and allow non-citizens to vote.

Now, the left – as they always do – will shout that being concerned about the votes of U.S. citizens being cancelled out by the votes of non-citizens is (you guessed it) racist. This is a ham-fisted attempt to shout down any discussion of what is an absurd, self-destructive policy that would make the entire concept of American citizenship meaningless.

This is nothing but a fringe political position which is totally rejected by the American people.

In a national survey from February 2021, Americans deeply opposed allowing non-citizens to vote in American elections. Further, they support requiring citizenship verification during voter registration.

In Arizona, 81 percent support allowing only American citizens to vote and requiring citizenship verification to register to vote in federal elections. Only 15 percent oppose. In Maine, 75 percent support a ban on non-citizen voting and only 19 percent oppose. In Montana, the figures are 86 percent support and 11 percent oppose, and in West Virginia, they are 84 percent to 13 percent.

In another national poll by McLaughlin & Associates from May 2021, 61 percent disapproved of “new laws in places such as California and Vermont that allow non-citizens to vote in U.S. elections.” Only 30 percent approved.

Congress should move this month to block the DC politicians’ effort to let non-citizens vote in our national capital. Congress should also pass a law making it illegal for non-citizens to cast ballots in federal elections.

The effort to let non-citizens overrule Americans must be stopped.

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