Ottawa youth charged with terrorism-related offences, intent to target Jews

Ottawa youth charged with terrorism-related offences, intent to target Jews

A minor was arrested and charged with a series of terrorism-related offences last Friday  allegedly with intent to target “Jewish persons”, according to the RCMP  in Ottawa, ON. The RCMP executed a search warrant of the youth’s home and carried out the arrest.

In a public statement on Saturday, the RCMP shared the first two charges: 1. Facilitation of a terrorist activity by communicating instructional material related to an explosive substance contrary to subsection 83.19(1) of the Criminal Code; and, 2. Knowingly instructing, directly or indirectly, a person to carry out a terrorist activity against Jewish persons contrary to subsection 83.22(1) of the Criminal Code.

On Monday, three additional charges were laid against the youth by the Crown in court: 3. Knowingly facilitating a terrorist activity by being in possession of explosive substances contrary to subsection 83.19 (1) of the Criminal Code; 4. Possession of explosive substances with intent thereby to endanger life contrary to paragraph 81 (1) (d) of the Criminal Code; and 5. Possession of explosive substances contrary to subsection 82 (1) of the Criminal Code.

During a hearing on Wednesday, a bail hearing date was set for January 15. The minor attended the hearing remotely via video.

Given the accused’s status as a minor, his identity is subject to a publication ban due to the Youth Criminal Justice Act. His sex is known following Global News’s interception of the accused’s father outside the Ottawa Courthouse on Monday, who said he had warned his son to avoid “extremists.” The accused’s father also said his wife had “arranged some sessions with the imam.”

The RCMP used the term “violent extremism” in a statement related to this incident, a term popularized by former US President Barack Obama when referencing Islamic radicalism and terrorism: “The RCMP is concerned with the growing trend of violent extremism, in particular, the increase in youth involvement. If you have concerns that someone is considering, planning, or preparing to commit an act of violence or to help others in committing acts of terrorism, please contact your local police service.”

The Crown alleges that the accused committed the terrorism-related offences in late October, several weeks after the mass murder terrorist attack carried out by Hamas in southern Israel.

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