PM Orbán Says European Union Is ‘Blackmailing’ Hungary, Withholding Funds Over Budapest’s Position on Ukrainian Membership and Aid | The Gateway Pundit

PM Orbán Says European Union Is ‘Blackmailing’ Hungary, Withholding Funds Over Budapest’s Position on Ukrainian Membership and Aid | The Gateway Pundit

Conservative champion, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán is in constant dispute with the European Union over an array of Globalist policies that Brussels wants to impose on every member – but that Budapest rejects.

The EU – that Orbán has called ‘a bad parody of the Soviet Union – tarnishes Hungary as ‘poor’ on the rule of law, while simultaneously propping up Ukraine, a country with a government that has banned all opposition parties and censored virtually every media outlet critical of Zelensky.

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So this week Orbán said that the European Commission, led by über Globalist Ursula von der Leyen, is ‘blackmailing’ Hungary by withholding billions in frozen funds.

Orbán said the blackmail is admitted by the ‘blackmailers’ themselves — the members of the European Parliament.

Politico reported:

“’In our view, Hungary fulfils all the qualities of the rule of law, and when the European Commission has specific needs, we implement everything from them, and we are also cooperative,” Orbán told reporters in Budapest during a press conference. “You cannot blame me for doing everything I can to promote Hungary’s interests in such a blackmailed situation’.

Orbán’s government has been embroiled in a long-standing dispute with Brussels, which has frozen billions of EU funds intended for Hungary over concerns about human rights and the rule of law in the country.”

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Just last week, the European Commission unblocked €10.2 billion in frozen funds for Hungary, just a day before the start of Ukraine’s accession talks to the EU and a further aid package to Kyiv.

Many EU politicians, reading the situation in reverse, warned Brussels not to ‘give in’ to what they perceive as blackmail from the Hungarian leader.

“There is more money at stake for Budapest and Orbán is still blocking a €50 billion aid package for Kyiv, which leaders are set to discuss early next year.”

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The problem for EU politicians is that Hungary genuinely believes European Union funding to Ukraine must not be granted from the EU’s budget.

Reuters reported:

“‘I am convinced that to give Ukraine 50 billion euros ($54.70 billion) from the EU budget for five years… That’s a bad decision’ […]They want to give the money to Ukraine from inside the EU budget, Hungary wants to give it outside the EU budget. They have the possibility – if we don’t agree on this – to resolve this outside the budget but don’t have the option of resolving this from the EU budget without Hungarian approval’, Orbán said.”

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“‘They have the possibility, 26 members to resolve this with a joint loan outside the budget. If this comes up we will consider what we say. […] We do not want to link financial assistance to be given to Ukraine with any Hungarian financial issues… this would also violate the EU principle of loyal cooperation’, Orbán said.”

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