Poilievre condemns Trudeau’s attack on free press following Rebel News reporter’s arrest

Poilievre condemns Trudeau’s attack on free press following Rebel News reporter’s arrest

Conservative opposition leader Pierre Poilievre has launched a petition to support a free and independent press in Canada following the disturbingly brutal arrest of Rebel News’ Mission Specialist David Menzies.

“A journalist was arrested for questioning a Liberal minister, and the Parliamentary Press Gallery doesn’t say a word,” Poilievre’s post on X (formerly Twitter) reads.

“Trudeau has divided media into two groups: those he’s bought off with bailouts and those he censors and has arrested.”

Poilievre first condemned the action when he shared video footage of Menzie’s arrest on X a few hours after the assault took place.

“This is the state of freedom of the press. In Canada. In 2024. After 8 years of Trudeau,” he wrote.

Conservative MP Dean Allison followed suit, calling Menzie’s arrest “wrong. Plain and Simple.”

The viral footage has reached a global audience, with National Post journalist Rahim Mohamed headlining, “Handcuffs for journalists, double-doubles for Jihadists.”

Indeed, the arrest took place in the wake of pro-terrorism protesters in Toronto being given police escorts and coffee deliveries by law enforcement while obstructing roads and overpasses.

Rebel Commander Ezra Levant has since announced that the RCMP, Freeland, and York Regional Police will be sued for false arrest, false imprisonment, malicious prosecution, and assault.

Deputy PM and Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland became infamously known for her totalitarian role in freezing the financial assets of Canadian truckers who dared to protest her government’s COVID-19 policies in 2022.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made his disdain for free and independent press clear when he responded with misinformation claims to Rebel News’ senior editor, Tamara Ugolini, during the 2021 leadership debates.

Rebel News was only able to provide coverage of that event through legal action to secure the right to attend.

These instances underscore an alarming pattern of progressively illiberal and censorious acts by the Trudeau regime with heavy-handed suppression of dissent, in spite of the fact that journalistic independence is the cornerstone of a healthy, functioning democracy.

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