POLL: Trump Now Leading Biden With Young and Hispanic Voters | The Gateway Pundit

POLL: Trump Now Leading Biden With Young and Hispanic Voters | The Gateway Pundit

In the first poll of 2024, President Trump leads Joe Biden among Hispanics and young voters.

Trump also leads Joe Biden among Independent voters and is gaining support among black voters coming into the new year, spelling doom for Joe Biden and the Democrats.

Trend: Year-End Poll Shows Trump Gaining, Biden Losing Support of Black Voters

These groups see where Biden is taking this country, and it’s not the right direction.

Trump leads overall among the 1,000 voters surveyed with 39% to Biden’s 37%, with 17% preferring a third-party candidate.

Additionally, Trump is beating Biden in seven key swing states.

The Independent reports,

The USA Today/Suffolk University survey found that 39 per cent of Hispanic voters now back the former president compared to 34 per cent supporting his Democratic successor.

Mr Trump also has a four percentage point lead among voters under 35, with 37 per cent to Mr Biden’s 33 per cent.

These demographics typically vote Democrat so the findings spell potential trouble for the incumbent going into the 2024 presidential race, even as his GOP rival faces a slew of criminal trials.

According to the Roper Center for Public Opinion Research at Cornell University, Biden won 65% of the Hispanic vote in 2020.

Biden is also losing the black voters, who supported him more than Hispanics in 2020.

Daily Mail reports,

He now has the support of just 63% of black voters, a group he carried by a whooping 87% in 2020.

Overall, the poll found that Trump in the lead at 39% to Biden’s 37% with 17% supporting an unnamed third-party candidate.

When third-party candidates were specified by name, Trump’s lead increased to 37% to Biden’s 34%, with independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. at the top of the third-party candidates at 10%.

The overall trend is worrisome for Biden, particularly with younger voters, who overwhelmingly supported him four years ago and are largely at odds with Republicans on issues such as abortion access and climate change.


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