Prepper Beef Company CEO: “We’ll Rebuke Lab-Grown Meat Even When It’s MANDATED in America”

Prepper Beef Company CEO: “We’ll Rebuke Lab-Grown Meat Even When It’s MANDATED in America”
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The push for “meat alternatives” have been ramping up on multiple fronts. First, it was the plant-based “meat” that appeased the vegan population. Then, they started their attempts to normalize insect “meat” as a protein replacement. Now, they’re assuming the production of lab-grown “meat” will be accepted by the general population — and they may be right.

One shelf-stable beef company refuses to allow any “meat alternatives” in their stocks.

“The powers-that-be are on a trajectory to mandate lab-grown ‘meat’ as the status quo in America and abroad,” said Jason Nelson, CEO of Whole Cows. “We will fight them as they push against transparency at the state and national levels and we will fight even harder when they try mandates similar to the Covid jabs.”

Nelson, a veteran of both the U.S. Army and U.S. Marine Corps, left the military in 2021 due to Covid-19 vaccine mandates. He launched his company less than a year later in anticipation of what we’re seeing today in the American food industry.

Whole Cows uses only all-American, mRNA-free cattle in their premium long-term storage beef. They don’t sell “beef crumbles” or scraps like most prepper food companies. They sell Ribeye, NY Strip, Tenderloin, and Sirloin. Use promo code “tgp15” at checkout for 15% off.

“We’ll rebuke lab-grown ‘meat’ even when it’s mandated, but it’s important that everyone starts pushing back now,” Nelson said. “They’re already laying the groundwork in some states to keep people from even knowing they’re eating lab-grown ‘meat.’ We need to tell our representatives we demand to know what we’re eating.”

The usual suspects are behind the push for lab-grown “meat” in America and abroad, including Bill Gates and BlackRock who are bankrolling several companies in the burgeoning industry. The World Economic Forum and Council for Inclusive Capitalism have signaled their support to replace beef from cattle altogether for the sake of climate change.

In Spain, the world’s largest meat processing company is spearheading the push to make lab-grown meat available everywhere. According to Lance D Johnson from Natural News:

There are plans to scale up mass production of artificial meat lines. The news broke at the annual meeting of the Wyoming Stockgrowers Association. The world’s largest artificial meat plant is about to be constructed in San Sabastian, Spain. Brazil-based JBS S.A. is working with Bio Tech Foods to get the new venture up and running by mid-2024. The Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade will be tasked with researching and cultivating new cell lines to produce a new line of artificial meats.

In a press release, JBS confirmed that Bio Tech Foods will conduct “research on cell lines, cultured media and biomaterials for their correct bioprocessing to enable the production of cultivated meat.” The cultivated meat is referred to as “investMEAT.” JBS says the new line “will allow a highly efficient cultivated meat production line, which will solve the challenges of current technology linked to scalability.”

“We started our company to give Americans access to real food long-term,” Nelson said. “Our beef is shelf-stable for at least a decade or two, which will hopefully buy us all enough time to bring sanity back to our nation.”

Whole Cows is an unabashedly patriotic, America First, veteran-owned company. Use promo code “tgp15” at checkout for 15% off.

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